[release notes] Koli 4.0.1

Many thanks to you our active contributors for your feedback and proposals.

Table of content

Table of content

Update version history

  • 2021-02-04: was released to Early Access subscribers. There will be a rush at the server on the 4th…
  • 2021-02-11: was released to Early Access subscribers. Launching of QML-only apps fixed. Spanish translations completed. One more app isolation fix. Making location service available for Android apps (Xperia XA2 and 10) improved.
  • 2021-02-16: was released to all users (Jolla C, Jolla Tablet, Xperia [X, XA2, 10], Gemini PDA) as an over-the-air update. The flashable images for Xperia and Gemini are available, too.

NOTE: This 4.0.1 update will remove your synced contacts - please re-sync your accounts to get them back! Also, restart your phone to see them in Phone > People.

Size of update

The download size of the update depends on the device type and on the OS version currently in the device. Some typical values below:

  • Jolla C from 3.4.0 to 4.0.1: about 530 MB
  • Jolla Tablet from 3.4.0 to 4.0.1: about 530 MB
  • Xperia X from 3.4.0 to 4.0.1: about 500 MB
  • Xperia XA2 from 3.4.0 to 4.0.1: about 710 MB
  • Xperia 10 from 3.4.0 to 4.0.1: about 750 MB

The update from to is about 30 MB only.

Stop release

Yes, 4.0.1 is a stop release.

Device models supported by Sailfish X

Jolla Phone is not supported any more. OS release 3.4.0 was the last one for this device launched 7 years ago.

The lowest supported kernel version of Sailfish 4 in the remaining Sailfish OS devices is 3.10. It is in Jolla C, Jolla Tablet and Xperia X

The instructions for installing Sailfish OS to Sony Xperia X, Xperia XA2 and Xperia 10 devices are here - covering Windows, Linux, and macOS computers.

Read this, please, to learn about the Sailfish X licence.

The supported Sony Xperia 10 models are:

  • 10 single-SIM: I3113 and I3123
  • 10 dual-SIM: I4113 and I4193
  • 10 Plus single-SIM: I3213 and I3223
  • 10 Plus dual-SIM: I4213 and I4293

The supported Sony Xperia XA2 models are:

  • XA2 single SIM H3113 (also H3123, H3133)
  • XA2 dual SIM H4113 (also H4133)
  • XA2 Ultra single SIM H3213 (also H3223)
  • XA2 Ultra dual SIM H4213 (also H4233)
  • XA2 Plus single SIM H3413
  • XA2 Plus dual SIM H4413 (also H4493)

The supported Sony Xperia X models are X single SIM F5121 and X dual SIM F5122

The supported Gemini PDA models are x25 and x27.

Contributions from Aurora OS

Several of the key improvements in this release were developed in collaboration with Open Mobile Platform for Aurora OS.

Here are some of the key features contributed by Open Mobile Platform to the Sailfish OS:

  • Accounts: added limiting account creation with sailfish-mdm and accounts groups, bug fixes
  • Ambiences: legibility and style improvements, customizing the background blur effect, new OS-level filter
  • Backup & Restore: Backup process improved
  • Browser: engine upgraded to Gecko ESR60, toolbar upgraded, UI and media stack rework, site permissions introduction, save web page as PDF added, and bug fixes
  • Calendar: notifications and event view improved, bug fixes
  • Camera: QR code recognition added and bug fixes
  • Email: style and stability improved, sync error warnings adjusted, reply actions introduced for email notifications, new filled text editor style, and bug fixes
  • Clock: Notification in events view when a clock alarm is snoozed
  • Connectivity: Hostname is customizable in Settings > WLAN > Advanced, bug fixes
  • Device management (MDM): MDM API for Bluetooth, for email account settings (ActiveSync), for SMS history, for remote multi-user administration, and for getting WLAN networks
  • Homescreen: lock screen and status bar legibility improved, redesigned events view with new notifications
  • Messages: bug fixes
  • Notes: ambience and legibility improved
  • Notifications: new design introduced, events view redesigned, and OS update notification redesigned
  • People: address books support developed for contacts, improved icon, text colouring, searching for history for unsaved contact, linking and unlinking of contacts, added preferred address book option, and bug fixes
  • Phone: added information and indication for calling number (premium rate, toll-free number, region), silenced call indication added, and avatar shown on missed call notifications
  • Sailfish core and middleware: updated karchive, systemd upgrade to 238
  • Security: Isolation of applications (a.k.a. application sandboxing) implemented for the platform (core) apps, based on Firejail app sandboxing. CVE fixes.
  • Settings: now uses tab layout, divided into system, app and account settings, app permissions listed in the app settings pages, and guest user support introduced
  • Text input: colours adjusted for better legibility and now follow the application theming
  • UI components: legibility, visibility, readability, and style improvements, a new style introduced for the tab bar, redesigned buttons and text editors, added customizing app and page background style, and bug fixes
  • VPN: UI and connections mechanisms improved, support for creating connections from files, connman and VPN other fixes

Jolla appreciates collaborative efforts of its partners and community to make Sailfish OS even better.

Release Highlights

This list below contains examples of new features (and some bug fixes) added to Sailfish OS, compared to the previous public release 3.4.0. The release notes of 3.4.0 can be found here.


  • User is now notified if (s)he has typed a wrong password
  • Fix signing in to Jolla account after restoring a backup
  • Account forms now follow the new text input style with improved input validation and error hinting
  • Limiting account creation with sailfish-mdm
  • Add account groups for existing accounts.
  • Creating an invalid account gets a blank screen for a busy page. Fixed.
  • Configuration done with Account qml type can overwrite unrelated changes done elsewhere. Fixed.
  • Can’t update provisioned account. Fixed.


  • Four new ambiences for Sailfish 4 added
  • Legibility and style improvements were done for the dark and light ambiences
  • New OS-level filter and material system to customize platform wallpaper style
  • Added support for customizing the background blur effect.

Android App Support

  • Android App Support of Xperia XA2 and Xperia 10 is now on the level of Android 9 “Pie” (API level 28)
  • You can now view software licences for Android components in the Settings app
  • Images, multiple actions and sub-text support added for Android notifications
  • Android keyboard closing issue with landscape keyboard fixed

Backup & Restore

  • User’s preferred backup method preserved
  • Intermediate working files are now cleaned when the backup is cancelled
  • Expired logs are now automatically deleted


  • Gecko engine upgraded to ESR60
  • Site permissions settings introduced for the browser and individual sites
  • Automatically opened captive portals to log in to WLAN are now run in a special restricted mode
  • After connecting to a WLAN, tap message “sign in to the network”. This makes Browser open the sign-in page
  • Captive portal is now automatically closed if the user walks out of the WLAN range
  • Redesigned bookmark and history views
  • Browser toolbar upgraded
  • Direct access to Settings
  • Option to save a web page as PDF file
  • Safemode implemented (for developers): enable with “EMBED_SAFEMODE=1 sailfish-browser”
  • Redesigned Tabs view
  • Added adjust network offline timeout
  • Fixed cancelling download
  • Connection is secure but doesn’t indicate TLS version. Fixed
  • Fixed closing of tens of tabs (or just some) crashing browser
  • Private mode: new icon for tabs-counter
  • Added an indication of connection security type
  • Media stack was improved


  • Support for the “webcals” URL type for HTTPS added. Contribution from Damien Caliste
  • Allow picking timezone for events. Contribution from Damien Caliste
  • Show event attendees on a separate page when the attendee list is long
  • Highlight event sync failures. Contribution from Damien Caliste
  • Display a notification when calendar alarms have been snoozed
  • Allow keeping custom reminder time when editing event if set remotely. Contribution by Damien Caliste
  • Bug fixes


  • QR code reader integrated into the viewfinder - see this help article
  • Video recording shows remaining time if the storage is getting full
  • Camera crash fixed with 64-bit systems


  • Expiration notifications now use the new in-app notifications called notices
  • Notification in events view when a clock alarm is snoozed


  • Captive portal Browser window is now automatically closed if WLAN is turned off or user walks outside of the hotspot range
  • Hostname is customizable in Settings > WLAN > Advanced
  • One mobile network issue when booting up the device the first time fixed
  • Mobile network connectivity issue in startup wizard (SUW) fixed

Device Management (MDM) [Corporate API]

  • Device users can be managed remotely
  • You can now provision Active Sync settings to the device
  • Bluetooth can now be enabled/disabled remotely
  • Bluetooth user policy added
  • SMS history API introduced
  • MDM API for Bluetooth and for email account settings
  • Limiting account creation with sailfish-mdm added


  • Email sync fixed in the case of interval-based schedule
  • Email sync error warnings adjusted
  • Reply actions introduced for email notifications
  • Email composer page automatically darkens background to improve legibility
  • Read email not always getting marked as read fixed
  • JavaScript disabled in HTML viewer
  • Email attachment item layout regression fixed
  • Tap email inbox page header to access other email folders
  • Regression with meeting invitation buttons fixed
  • Out-of-office settings use the new filled text editor style
  • Crash fixed in email background service
  • Crash fixed when creating certificate-based Active Sync account
  • Duplicated Outbox folder issue fixed
  • Fixed signature not displayed after adding a new account (Exchange)
  • Unread emails in Deleted folder and Spam folder no longer appear on Events View.
  • The email update is cancelled when turning off network
  • Fixed adding account from Email or Notes

Home screen

  • Redesigned Events view with new notifications, calendar widget and social media feeds (Twitter, VK)
  • Beta: You can now access Events view from Lock Screen by turning on the setting in Settings > Events view
  • Clean up notifications easily by swiping them away in the housekeeping mode
  • Subtle shadow effect added to improve lock screen and status bar legibility


  • Convenience actions added to easily jump 10 seconds forward or backward during video playback
  • Share and edit actions added to the screenshot capture notification


  • Lithuanian and Slovak languages added to Sailfish OS


  • Sender avatar shown on message notifications
  • Date group sections are now sticky so you can always see the day when the message was sent
  • Fixed initiating a call from a temporary contact card in Messages


  • Note text is no longer drawn in a highlight colour, but white (in dark) and black (in light) ambiences for maximal contrast
  • Further note page automatically darkens background to improve legibility


  • The notification system got a big overhaul, adjusting the design, API, features and usage on apps
  • Redesigned notification popup style
  • Notifications now support additional actions
  • Lots of new actions added to different platform notifications
  • New Events view notification style introduced with gesture-based housekeeping mode
  • Support for secondary images, e.g. for avatars
  • Enable Do Not Disturb mode to turn off notification sounds and vibrator feedback
  • Support coloring on Android notification app icons


  • Address books support developed for contacts
    NOTE: 4.0.1 update will remove your synced contacts - please re-sync your accounts to get them back! Also, restart your phone to see them in Phone > People.
  • Contacts saved on the device are no longer synced to all accounts, only the account you have chosen
  • When saving a contact the preferred address book is remembered the next time
  • Downloading avatars from Google fixed
  • Middle name shown in a contact card
  • Linking and unlinking of contacts improved
  • Avoid loading full avatars on app launch (could slow down app launch by few seconds)
  • Added ability to look through Call history for unsaved contact
  • Fixed address book combo box text-overflow and the default setting
  • Fixed linking to contact from Calendar event and Phone call history
  • Fixed deleting multiple contacts from the main contact page


  • Warn user when calling a premium rate number. Indicate when calling a toll free number
  • Show region on incoming call if known, i.e. mostly on landlines
  • Silenced call indication added to the incoming call
  • Caller avatar shown on missed call notifications
  • Incoming call label wrapping issues fixed when changing system-level font size
  • Device lock and PIN query emergency call dial page contrast improved for better legibility

Sailfish core and middleware

  • Updated OpenSSL to the latest stable 1.1 version
  • Moved to busybox sed
  • Updated karchive to latest upstream 5.75.0
  • Updated systemd to 238 version
  • Moved from bash to busybox ash**


  • App isolation (a.k.a. application sandboxing) implemented for platform apps, based on Firejail app sandboxing

    • Sandboxing limits app’s access to only the needed system resources and user data
    • App permissions dialogue appears when opening sandboxed apps for the first time
    • "Settings > Apps > " has got the section “Permissions” where one can, by tapping each item, see a brief explanation on what that permission is about
  • Vulnerabilities fixed:

    • kernel [Xperia X (3.10), Xperia XA2 (4.4), Xperia 10 (4.9)]: “BleedingTooth”: CVE-2020-12351, CVE-2020-12352, CVE-2020-24490, CVE-2015-7550, CVE-2015-8767, CVE-2015-7872, CVE-2017-1000251
    • kernel [Xperia X (3.10), Xperia XA2 (4.4)]: CVE-2020-13143
    • kernel [Xperia X (3.10), Xperia XA2 (4.4)]: CVE-2020-13143
    • And others


  • Settings now uses tab layout, divided into system, app and account settings
  • App permissions listed in the app settings pages (Firejail sandboxing)
  • Guest user support introduced in Users settings
  • About page automatically darkens background to improve legibility
  • Device hostname can be changed at “Settings > System > WLAN” by pulling down Advanced


  • Show download progress and data amounts during app installation and when updating apps
  • OS update notification now includes OS cover image and download progress
  • OS update notification duplication issue fixed
  • Fastboot drivers can be installed on Windows 10 again after updating the latest 20H2 version to the computer. This makes it possible to install Sailfish OS to an Xperia with a Windows computer.

Text input

  • Lithuanian and Slovak keyboards added
  • You can now select multiple key layouts for your peripheral Bluetooth or USB-OTG keyboards and switch between the input languages using Ctrl+Space shortcut
  • Keyboard colours adjusted for better legibility
  • Keyboard colours now follow the application theming (apps can override the ambience style)
  • Keyboard settings feedback now uses the new in-app notifications called notices
  • Combining characters in keyboard popups are now shown correctly (e.g. instead of m ̃), enabling you to create advanced character layouts (see Lithuanian for reference)

UI components

  • Redesigned buttons with icon support and outline-style for secondary buttons
  • Redesigned text editors: two new styles (underlined, filled), customize with buttons (clear, send, etc.) and icons (warning)
  • API added for customizing app and page background style
  • New style introduced for the tab bar
  • Dismiss button removed from the remorse timer to avoid unintended deletions
  • New Notice API introduced for showing in-app notifications (and taken in use around the OS)
  • Pulley menu indicator visibility improved on light ambiences
  • Fix content menus not being closed correctly on display off
  • App getting stuck if minimized during page transition fixed


  • VPN UI fixed to preserve the user credentials
  • Connection keepalive mechanisms of OpenVPN, VPNC and PPTP VPN improved
  • Implemented support for creating openfortivpn, VPNC and OpenConnect VPN connections from files
  • VPN auto-connect at bootup fixed
  • Connman splitrouting regressions fixed


  • “Feels like” temperature now reports real values versus always showing 0 degrees

Device specific improvements

Xperia 10

  • Fixes for lost audio cases should make the problem occur less frequently

Sailfish OS Forum and T.J.C: Issues reported by the community and fixed in this update

Technical changes

  • aarch64 apps are now allowed in Harbour, however, the work to support them properly is still ongoing
  • A number of python modules allowed in Harbour: pyopenssl, attrs, pygobject, idna, lxml, pygobject, six, sortedcontainers, toml, twisted, pyyaml and zope-interface. Note: You don’t have to specifically add these to the dependencies in your .spec file, as the dependencies are automatically generated.
  • Requiring Nemo Contextkit plugin is now allowed in Harbour
  • Linking to openssl 1.1 is now allowed in Harbour, and openssl 1.0 is deprecated
  • The relic ‘home’ repository of user ‘honeybadger’ was removed (‘ssu lr’)
  • Rust language support - including the 64-bit architecture
  • QtPositioning was upgraded to 5.4
  • Sailfish OS has migrated from patterns to meta-packages: if you do porting please read these instructions.


The detailed changelog is here.

Updating your device

Your device must be connected to the Internet and signed into your Jolla account. If your Jolla account is registered for Early Access releases you should receive an OS update notification when an update is available. If you have decided not to take the Early Access registration then you will get the OS update typically one week later.

We warmly recommend making some 3-4 GB of free space to the internal storage of your device ( /home ) before starting the update. Processing an OS update of almost 1 GB requires a good amount of work area. Move your pictures and videos to the SD card (or to your PC or cloud service).

This is the usual drill before attempting to update your devices:

Take a backup of your data before attempting to update your device and save the backup to an SD card or to some other off-device location (PC, your cloud service). Note that videos and images are not included in cloud-based backups. Do not reboot the device while the update is in progress. Do keep the phone connected to a battery charger during the whole process. Device screen may blank out during the update process; you may waken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress.

For detailed instructions on updating software, read our help article in Zendesk.


Sailfish OS does not support downgrading. Never try to downgrade the OS as this would break your device.


After downloading an update and selecting “Install” in the pulley menu, the device runs a restart first. In the case of a device with the user-space encrypted, you will need to type the security code before the actual installation can start.


Because the previous Sailfish OS release was a so-called Stop Release, you can update your phone only from that release to In other words, if your phone happens to have one of the earlier releases in it, you must first install and only then This is guided by the UI in “Settings > System > Sailfish OS updates” but you will need to take care of it yourself if you install the update at the command line.

Notification concerning apps from Open Repos

The apps below have been reported to cause problems when installing the previous OS updates. We recommend that you uninstall them before proceeding to the OS update.

  • System Monitor by ade must be force-removed before the upgrade. It will appear in the upgrade warnings while the upgrade is being downloaded but must be uninstalled manually with ‘rpm -e --noscripts’, as other methods may fail. If it is not removed, the upgrade will most likely fail partway through and you may be left with an unusable device.
  • The Dynamic calendar and clock icons by fravaccaro have been reported to prevent the Calendar and Clock apps from starting. This issue can be eliminated by devel-su; pkcon remove harbour-dyncal harbour-dynclock
  • If you use Privoxy, be sure to disable it before downloading the update, especially if you have configured https-inspection
  • If you use Aliendalvik Control update it to the latest version 9.3.x first or else you will not be able to use your phone. See the author’s instructions.
  • If you use Storeman update it to the latest version first
  • If you use SystemDataScope or collectd (see here), remove them. Having them installed will lead into update failure where Internet connections may be broken. See TJC-226291. Upgrading collectd to the latest version may help (no guarantees)
  • If you use Phonehook or Callrecorder uninstall it before upgrading
  • If you use Defender, remove it as it will probably prevent your phone from booting up. See this, please.
  • If you use OKBoard, please remove it.

About SD cards

  • Encrypted cards must be unlocked by the user to make them available for Sailfish applications.
  • Non-encrypted cards are mounted automatically when the device is turned on.
  • Encrypted cards can be formatted only when they are locked. Formatting removes the encryption in this case (the card becomes unencrypted and unmounted). You can then format it again with the option to encrypt if needed.

Known issues - generic

  • Assisted location service of Mozilla has stopped working from 2020-03-01. This tends to slow down finding the position of the phone. We are looking for alternative ways to make it work faster. Unfortunately, this problem persists. It seems to affect Xperia XA2 worst.
  • Sailfish can connect Bluetooth Low Energy devices. However, Android apps cannot use peripheral devices via Bluetooth - other than for playback of the sound. Therefore smartwatches, for instance, cannot be controlled from Android apps, unfortunately.
  • Signing in to Dropbox works via Google only. So, after triggering the sign-in at “Settings > Accounts > Dropbox” and the browser page dropbox.com appears, tap “Sign in with Google” (if you have a Google account).
  • Importing contacts wizard fails to create a Google account in “Settings > Apps > People”. The same happens if one tries to sign in to a Google account from Email. However, signing in to Google from “Settings > Accounts” does work correctly, after which the contacts will be downloaded to the device (if you allowed this in the account settings)
  • An invalid warning and request to uninstall all system packages will appear if the previous OS version 3.4.0 is flashed to a device without installing the default Sailfish apps, followed by the download of the current OS version 4.0.1. This warning looks scary but it is just a warning. It should be okay to continue downloading and installing the OS update in the normal manner, i.e., you can ignore the warning. To avoid the warning, enabling the developer mode and running devel-su; pkcon refresh before downloading 4.0.1 may prevent the warning from appearing.
  • [ developers only ] connman-test package is broken (does not install) for devices freshly flashed with 4.0.1, because dbus-python is no longer available (requires python2). All still works if updating from 3.4.0 as in this case the old dbus-python (if it exists in rootfs) will be used.
  • QR code reader can recognise only the 2-dimensional code that has squares in 3 corners (for positioning).
  • 4.0.1 update will remove your synced contacts - please re-sync your accounts to get them back! So, go to Settings > Accounts, long-tap an account and take ‘Sync’. Repeat to all of applicable accounts. Check People app, then. Also, restart your phone to see the contacts in Phone > People.*
  • Calendar app does not open anymore if user cancels first permission query and tries to reopen the app. Remedy: Restart phone, open Calendar, accept permissions. Fixed to the next OS release.
  • Call recorder does not save the conversation to the phone storage. This can be fixed with the following commands (and in the next OS release) - make sure you type the whole long command on the 2nd row:
        echo -e '\nmkdir     ${PRIVILEGED}/Phone\nprivileged-data Phone' >> /etc/sailjail/permissions/Phone.permission 
        systemctl-user restart voicecall-ui-prestart

Known issues to Android App Support 9 - Xperia 10 & Xperia XA2

  • Aptoide Store (the default Android Store on Sailfish) may not become visible in the app grid if installed during startup wizard (SUW) or later in first boot. Remedy: reboot, uninstall it, install it again.
  • Aptoide Store app (of Jolla Store) is failing to install apps. In the end of the download an ERROR is shown and the installation attempt stops here. Please, download the latest Aptoide app ( aptoide-latest.apk ) from here and install to your phone. We will update Jolla Store soon.
  • APKPure website, which is another good source of Android apps, started serving 64bit APKs by default and they’ll fail to install, but there won’t be anything displayed to a user (because notifications from Android App Support are broken). You will need to choose armeabi-v7a (32bit) variant of the APK on the website.
  • Android apps cannot use peripheral devices via Bluetooth - other than for playback of the sound. Therefore smartwatches, for instance, cannot be controlled from Android apps.
  • The voice of an incoming call might not automatically be routed to a wired headset. However, if the user first directs the voice to the HF speaker and then back to the headset, the voice can be heard at the headset.

Known issues specific to Xperia X [no changes here]

  • Not implemented features: FM radio, double-tap wakeup, step counter, RTC Alarms
  • Issues with mobile data persist on some SIM cards. Turn the Flight mode on and off to reset the network setup. Reverting the device to Android and re-installing Sailfish X has often helped. See our support article.
  • [camera] Force autofocus mode for photos, and continuous for video. After this, camera focus is still not ideal - as the camera stays out of focus when it starts until you either tap or try to take a shot - but the pictures seem to be better focused now
  • Bluetooth: problems with some car equipment, some audio devices and computers may appear
  • The loudspeaker volume level cannot be adjusted very high
  • Not all SD cards are recognized and mounted.

Known issues specific to Xperia XA2 [no changes here]

  • Not implemented features: FM radio, double-tap wakeup, RTC Alarms

  • Bluetooth: there are problems in connecting to some peripheral devices

  • XA2 does not power up when alarm time has elapsed

  • Flashing Sailfish X to XA2 might still fail (so far seen to happen on Ubuntu 18.04 when using USB3 port). Please read this article.

  • With v17B Sony vendor image we observed a decrease in the perceived signal strength of the 5GHz WLAN access points (investigations ongoing). Version v16 may work better in this respect. Therefore we would not recommend flashing v17B for the time being if you use WLAN networks in the 5GHz band. You can reflash the vendor image of your choice by following the instructions in here.

Known issues specific to Xperia 10 [no changes here]

  • Features not yet implemented: FM radio, double-tap wakeup, support for dual-lens camera, RTC Alarms.
  • Rarely, audio playback and sensors (display rotation) may stop working. If this happens, please restart the device
  • In some cases, the acceptance of the PIN code of a SIM card may take up to 5…20 seconds
  • White balance and HDR (of the camera) do not work.
  • Transitions related to network switching 4G > 3G (call begins) and 3G > 4G (call ends) may take time on some networks. Getting the data connection of 4G might require extra actions in the worst cases. Normally, these transitions take 2-10 seconds on Xperia 10.

Known issues specific to Jolla Tablet [no changes here]

  • There is no progress bar during the installation phase of OS upgrades. This makes it difficult to follow if it makes progress or not. However, if there are no problems the device will restart itself in the end - please wait patiently. If you feel that you have waited enough, wait for yet another 20 minutes before you turn off the device to allow some more time for it to complete the job. Interrupting too early may break the tablet.
  • Taking screenshots is broken. Pressing the VOL keys together seems to create an image but it cannot be viewed in Gallery.

Known issues specific to Gemini PDA [no changes here]

  • Features not yet implemented: double-tap wakeup, RTC Alarms
  • Gemini Screenshot Button Fn + X does not work
  • Not possible to answer calls when Gemini is closed with side button
  • Some 3rd party apps have issues in Landscape mode.

Oh, this will be exciting, downloading now!


To all that use Whisperfish, here’s a list of issues of which one makes Whisperfish currently incompatible with 4.0. I’ll try to fix that over the weekend (and then upgrade myself too). I’ve vouched to keep 3.4 supported as long as possible.


Now that’s a monster changelog, I look forward to trying it once I get hold of the emulator!


Are there EA build targets available somewhere? My installer didn’t list any.

you recommend to have 3-4 GB of free space in internal storage. What do you mean by internal storage? Rootfs has only 2.4 G on my XA2+. Size of home is 17.4G, so it should be easier to free some space there.


Upgrade went smoothly (XpX), seems that browser bookmarks are wiped.

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Try this to restore bookmarks

cp -r .local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/* .local/share/org.sailfishos/browser

I’m curious about and looking forward to the Notifications improvements. Will this change the Nemo.Notifications QML API?

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I believe the changes are already reflected in the documentation. At least it looks like there are some new properties.


Thanks for the hint. Command which you provided did not fix the issue but simply copying bookmarks.json file from

.local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/bookmarks.json to .local/share/org.sailfishos/browser/

brought bookmarks back.


I fixed my command, it should work now

You may be right. I didn’t look that closely.

Interesting. Few comments:

  • did I just loose all my browser history?
  • why is the default page set to asa.org?
  • I love the new ambiences, but the icons are a bit much
  • calendar opening from event screen leads to empty screen, most likely due to…
  • duplicated calendar entries are still there (mulitplied by sync)
  • opening links from whatsapp does not open the browser anymore

Otherwise awesome!

Browser seems to be unable to load anything on XperiaX

You cant read the time while notifications are present.

EDIT tried to move .mozilla, didn’t help. Also couldnt see anything in the logs what looked like an error


@phklrz: It could be. Did you accept the permission request shown in Gallery when you opened Gallery the first time? The list has Sharing…

On gemini I have this message

Uninstall the following before proceeding update …

is this normal? Those packages are install by the system …

I got such a message with another list of packages, such as contrac, screencast, obexd-contentfilter-off, sailfishconnect, systemmonitor. I just removed them and will reinstall after upgade

@kaulian: That should not have happened. Valid system packages should not be listed as harmful. It should be safe to ignore that warning and continue with the installation.

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My XA2 said still that is available, but didn’t anymore eventhough I searched for new updates in the settings. I had to use terminal to set phone into release mode and download manually.
The same thing is now with the…
I have triple checked that “early access” is on in the account. I deleted Jolla account and created it again - same thing - XA2 is quite happy with the
Any ideas what to do? (other than go to terminal again… I think it should work via settings…)