Call recording > no file


I Have a new problem with my XA2. Now, it’s a call recording issue.
It’s probably recent and related to the latest updates.
The last recordings was in september. I don’t know if I used it or now since.

The recording seems to work properly and I have a nice notifications but no file corresponding.
I checked /home/$USER/.local/share/system/priviledged/Phone/CallRecordings but nothing new here.

Does anyone have this issue ?
and please fix this.

Check out “Call recorder” under [release notes] Koli 4.0.1

Check this: [] call recorder don't work

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Thanks guys :grinning:
I didn’t find these answers.

    echo -e '\nmkdir     ${PRIVILEGED}/Phone\nprivileged-data Phone' >> /etc/sailjail/permissions/Phone.permission 
    systemctl-user restart voicecall-ui-prestart

Tested and it seems to work fine but not tested yet with bluetooth headset (I’ll try later).