[release notes] Koli 4.0.1

Installing Koli 4.0.1 on a XA2plus went smoothly, no issues experienced. 1 - However recurrering events from Google-account sync still adds numoerous entries. 2 - backup takes a very long time while the calendar is backup.

Yeah, my humble wish was ignored in the revamp sadly.
My hopes where high :smiley:


It’s OK, I just need to force reboot at the end of the upgrade process

The “unplug the charger” is so annoying IMHO that it makes me want to leave the charger into the wall just because of that stupid message every single time! :smiley:


@lumen: First of all, was a Stop Release. When updating from (or earlier) the phone should first offer the update to Once that is installed, only then it should offer for early access subscribers (signed in to the same Jolla account). Of course, the date/time of the phone must be correct and that account must have a paid Sailfish licence. Please check these once again.

If the problem persists, then the output from the commands ssu s and ssu lr might reveal something.

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I explained myself a bit complex…
From I had to SSU the phone to because I never got announcement of the update (back then when 3.3 was release EA).
Now the same thing from 3.4 to 4.0 (no announcement of new version). Date/time are correct (comes from operator). I have paid license.
I was so impatient that SSU’ed already so downloading via command line.
I can take a look at ssu s and ssu lr.
Thanks for the help

@lumen: If you want us to eliminate the problem before the next update, consider filing a service request at https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Tell there the IMEI code of your XA2, among other details.

@jovirkku, I didn’t notice that new strings were added to translate, so Spanish language isn’t 100% translated. I finished it today, is there any possibility to include them to final released 4.0.1? I’m very sorry for all inconveniences.


I am asked to remove buteo-sync-plugin-caldav. I may have installed a fix by @dcaliste.
Should I ignore it?

@carmenfdezb: Yes there were quite many new strings. Our convention has been that if nothing really severe is reported against the early access release then we roll it out to all users a week later. So it depends… Your work will be included in the next update if not earlier. Thanks for taking care of the Spanish translations.


@tanghus: Yes, you can ignore it. The fix in it makes it deviate from the corresponding package of - that’s why it is listed as suspicious. The fix of D.C. in this system package is unlikely to cause the OS update fail. The update will bring a new version (0.1.74) of buteo-sync-plugin-caldav to your phone.


Targets seem to be there but no emulator as of yet (at my end anyway)

So fare it looks like a quite stable release! :+1:
The new expandable Notification for the E-Mails are useful. But I would love to have 3rd button ‘Delete’ next to ‘Reply’ and ‘Mark as Read’.


Context menus with icons do not work anymore (e. g. podqast)

Notifications: What does “close” do? I do not see any effect when pressing it. For the design see

Browser looses bookmarks after first start


Already reported


You can extend your LVM with the space of system_a partition, it’s an empty android partition.


Progress bar stops at what’s probably 100% at installation on the Jolla C. Is it safe to switch off and re-boot after 30mins? :frowning: