[] Email sync fails

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): XA2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?):


After the last update, the email sync is not working anymore.
It occurs with the already setup email accounts, but also when setup a new one.



  1. setup a new email account
  2. set the sync cycle to 5 minutes
  3. synchronize the email account
  4. wait 6 minutes to find that the sync fails


The email account sync after the time setup.


No sync.


Can confirm that on my XA2 with this is still the case. My account was an existing account from (really older) and has synced previously.
I tried a certain flow of changes: enable 2G, switch to 4G, enable wifi, enable flight modus, disable again, disable wifi, switch to 2G. All these changes did not trigger a sync.

Clicking the update button in the tile does update almost immediately.

This is a IMAP account on Linux/Dovecot. I have no Exchange support installed.

XA2 with vs. Dovecot-Imapd works completely hassle-free over here. My server configuration is to use StartTLS with proper certificate and IMAP-Idle instead of a sync interval. Therefore there should always be an open TCP connection between client and server. To check, (as root) call

# lsof -p `pidof messageserver5` | grep TCP

This should result in a line like

  messagese 29060 nemo   42u     IPv4            3387712      0t0     TCP xperia:12345->SERVER-NAME:PORT (ESTABLISHED)

for each IMAP account configured for IMAP-Idle.

I am quite sure I don’t have IMAP idle set up :slight_smile:
Good thing that that is working. It seems the bug is more that the automatic sync doesn’t run on the expected interval.

Can confirm this as well. I have the same problem on XA2 with Exchange and Google accounts. Neither of these sync unless I manually force a sync. I have both accounts set to sync every 5 minutes. This a freshly flashed installation to and updated to The syncing with both accounts was working fine based on the same schedule on before flashing. I set up the accounts on and have deleted and set them up multiple times again. Does not help. Furthermore, the Exchange calendar does not sync at all. Google calendar sync works whenever I execute a manual sync.

I cannot sync my mails after update to

Update to my earlier message. Brief testing indicates that scheduled syncing works if I use the always up to date or the customised options. I think I was actually using the customised option also on before flashing, so I cannot tell, if this is a regression or not. In any case, it seems that there is something wrong with the simple fixed schedule.

After a while, I confirm the @tkmikkol behaviour. The only way to make the scheduled syncing working is to use the customised options.

Thanks for reporting. We need to check the syncing, again. Sigh.

Hi. Only recently udated to - Same issues as reported above? Any ETA for the solution?

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