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Get Started

How to get started with Sailfish OS and Sailfish OS development, required technologies and tools. How to work with Open Source and our Sailfish OS community.


Announcements about Sailfish OS, Sailfish SDK and this forum. You can find Release Notes and Changelogs here.


Discussion of Applications and Application Development. Please use the subcategories (C++, QML and Other languages) for the discussions about Application Development in the mentioned languages.

Community News

A regular digest of Sailfish OS, Jolla and community news. Published every other Thursday.

Platform Development

Discuss and ask questions about system packages, using the Platform SDK or improving the developer documentation for Sailfish OS. Dialogue and consultation requests for adding features, improving existing functionality, addressing security issues, troubleshootig and fixing bugs.


Discuss localisation & translations, come up with solutions and decisions for different language terms.

Hardware Adaptation

Troubleshooting, insights, and discussion on using our Hardware Adaptation Development Kit (HADK). Join the community of porters. Discuss and share information on installable images, devices you would prefer and reviews of existing solutions.


Reviews and dialogue of all devices that are running or should be running Sailfish OS, including official ports from Jolla and ports from Sailfish OS community.


Questions and proposals on the design, interaction, experience and behaviour of Sailfish OS and the apps available for Sailfish OS. Elaborate on ideas for how to enhance interaction flows and the overall experience.

Bug Reports

This category is for creating a formal bug report. You can report issues here that are caused by defects in the system. This category is meant for all Sailfish OS issues, but problems related to Android apps and 3rd party Sailfish apps should be discussed in the Applications category.

Feature Requests

Requests and discussion of features that you would find useful in Sailfish OS. Vote for the best proposals by using the heart-shaped button below each post.

Store QA

When your Sailfish OS app is ready and you submit it to the store, it enters the Harbour QA process, where we will make sure it is working and compatible with Sailfish OS. This is the place for developers to discuss and ask questions about the QA process.


If your question does not belong to any other category? Ask it here.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.