[] Address book contacts (CardDAV) not syncing

After updating to (Koli) my People had been erased. My contacts come via CardDAV and I am using Mailbox.org. I tried to re-synchronise them, but no dice. So I had to re-import them from a file.

Others having similar problems?


Yes, same here. Installed the update, now all my contacts are gone from the phone. I sync with a nextcloud instance. Forcing a sync doesn’t get me the contacts back.

I also tried updating the account details, re-entering the password. Still no contacts.



Ah, my s.o. pointed me to [release notes] Koli 4.0.1, which says:

NOTE : This 4.0.1 update will remove your synced contacts - please re-sync your accounts to get them back! Also, restart your phone to see them in Phone > People.

That fixed it for me!

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Unfortunately re-syncing them did not work for me, neither rebooting.
I tried also remove all contacts and re-add the account, but no dice.