SFOS 3.4 encryption jolla account

REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes:


I did an succesful update to SFOS 3.4 (from 3.3). After this I did a backup and startet to encrypt my XA2 for the first time. After encryption the phone startet without any personal settings. I restored the backup. The Android Apps were still missing. So I wanted to install Aptoide from the Jolla store. For this I had to connect to my Jolla account. When I try to to this, I am getting an error message (in german: Kontofehler, Leider konnten die App-Schlüssel nicht gespeichert werden - in English: Account Error: Unfortunately, the app keys can’t be stored). What went wrong and how can I improve it?

Update: When I delete the jolla account on the phone and add it again, the error message changes to “Login not possible with this username and password”.

Also my old e-Mail-Accounts do not work any more…

Looks like there may be a problem with the encryption and accounts?


I have the same problem!!! I Purchase the license for XA2 but if I can’t enter to my account Then I can’t use the Android app!

The same kind of problem…
I just installed sailfish on a new xperia xa2, but after the first startup (I tried logging later to the sailfish account, and, after reflashing, logging at the setup prompt), and then I can’t download alien-dalvuk from the store, nor predictive text input, nor do I have acces to android emulation menu in the settings. And of course, the installation of aptoide from the store fail.
I’m logged to a sailfish account where I have bought the licence, so I don’t understand why the paing features aren’t accessible, if it’s a licence bug or a store one…
I can reproduce the bug and send log info if needed.