Repeated notifications: 'general mail needs to be updated'

Every couple of weeks I get the notification in event screen: ’ general mail needs to be updated’. This happens since Jolla’s update to 4.2.
I have an XA2 plus and general mail is with smtp and imap protocol.It worked well for years. Now I have to log in with my password in general mail frequently. What can I do?

I get this a well, but only occasionally, and have done across many SFOS releases over many years. I’m afraid I just put it down to one of those many frustrating ‘features’ present in Sailfish that you have to live with.

We made some changes in 4.0.1 Koli to ensure that notifications are sent in case an attempted login to your account fails (it actually attempts multiple times before generating notifications). This is to avoid a situation where you change your credentials on the web, say, but forget to update them on your phone. It’s also an important reminder after restoring a backup, since account credentials aren’t stored as part of the backup.

This might explain why you’ve only started receiving them recently, I’m not sure. It likely suggests there’s some periodic problem logging in to, but it’s hard to say what this might be. It may be worth double-checking your settings. You could also collect some logs and review them straight after getting the notification. I’d be happy to check them for you too, but please don’t post logs publicly as they may contain private information.

Thank you both for your reply. As it is now: after this notification I only have to log in with my password in the account screen of my phone and it’s ok, till the next notification arrives. I will contact if they have changed something.

I’d have to double check the code, but usually the phone wouldn’t forget your credentials just because you see the notification. So, in theory, there should be no need to enter your password again. It may be worth checking this (e.g. don’t press the notification, but instead leave it ten minutes and see if it can connect after that). If it’s actually losing your password, that may indicate something else is happening, so that would be good to know about.

This happens to me on my Nextcloud account which is hosted on a single board computer in my local network behind IPv4 NAT with DynDNS. So I assume this happens when IP address changes and DNS update entry has not yet been propagated to DNS servers.

So it may be a bit more robust if one could adjust the number of retries and the wait interval of the retries.

This happened to me when the account came from a backup - the password would only last for a couple of hours or a day, then a re-entry was needed.