Thread to introduce early access versions

Is there a thread here where new early access releases are introduced? I have not found any and would find it interesting. Then you could follow the development of SFOS without having to participate in the EA program.

Every new EA release is announced with a new thread. Basically all of the new update announcements are EA release notes, with possibly some few things fixed/added for the general release. You can check out the first part of those announcements. Generally, you find 2 dates, the first is the EA release one and the second belongs to the update released to all users.
So you still can follow the development just by reading new EA release notes, while actually not being subscribed to the program.


And just in case: Those announcements can be found in the Announcements category

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Thank you for your answer. I was so focused on finding a thread with the title “Early access for sailfish OS 4.1” that I didn’t even read the Announcements thread. I also didn’t know what Announcements means and didn’t get the idea to translate it.

Edit: I read the Announcements cadegory but i did not find an Early access thread there. And also not for previous versions i asked for with this thread. Because I assumed that release notes for Early Access versions are also published. This is probably not the case.

You probably are using a translator, but your point got lost somehow and I couldn’t understand what you have meant to say. :point_down:

However, I will try to explain the idea as much as possible.

Every new update release, is announced and posted in the #announcements category.
Every new release is posted (& announced) in a new thread, along with its release notes. So you will find a new thread for every new update released. You will NOT find 1 thread that contains them all !

Each one has its own new thread, which gets posted by Jolla here, BUT, only when the new EA release is available OTA*. Not before!
So no user can know the changes or the release notes of a new upcoming update before it gets released. Only Jolla employees.
*OTA: Over the air

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  • There is NO thread named “Early Release” or "Early Access". That’s why you won’t find it, if you search for it.

  • The current and lastest version is
    You searched :point_up_2:for 4.1… This is supposedly the version number of the next upcoming release… We, Us, Users… will not find any information about it.
    Until it gets released to EA subscribers (OTA) and its release notes are announced on here (In a new thread not yet available)

When Jolla releases a new software update (update release), it gets first released as an EA release, to users who are already subscribed to the EA release program ONLY.
EA program subscribers generally, are developers and users who volunteer for testing new updates before their general release(all users). And usually those users have the basic tools and knowledge to solve possible serious failures (such as bootloops, or if the device needs recovery for example…)

That way, EA subscribed users could test the new update for possible new critical bugs, and Jolla would have the chance and time to fix it, before it eventually gets released to all users.(after 2 weeks).
Also, developers would get the chance to test their applications with the new update and fix them if needed, early on, before all users get the new update.
Generally, Jolla releases the update to all users (no longer EA), in 2 weeks .

Here are 2 Examples (Links) of the 2 previous update releases (release notes).

Every new release / release notes thread is titled as :
[release notes] Name VersionNumber :point_down: :point_down:

[release notes] Name VersionNumber :point_down: :point_down:

Have a look at those 2 links. You should get the idea of how this works.
I tried my best to simply and carefully explain. I hope I succeeded :slight_smile:

Thank you for Your description and sorry for the confusion.

Do I understand it right: Update release are only available for EA-programm-Members? And after it’s tested, Jolla will create a new thread here with release notes for all users, right?
Sorry my English is not so good.

YES! Only at first. After 2 weeks it gets released to ALL

NO. After its tested…Jolla will NOT create a new thread again.
Because Jolla already did create a thread (like this one) when the update got released to EA members.

After 2 weeks testing (and possibly fixing some bugs), Jolla will release the update to ALL users, Using the same thread that was created for the EA Release.

Its Not another release! it is the same release that was available to EA members!.. 2 weeks later… the same release is available to ALL users
Since it is the same release, the original thread will be used again. The thread will stay the same! Jolla will ONLY add the new date of all user release and add more fixes/changes(after testing), if any.


I really tried my best. I believe I cant do anything anymore.
Learn some English if possible
Use a better translator
Good luck :+1:

Now I understand. Thanks for your patience. In Germany we say: Sometimes I have a long pipe (in German: Machmal habe ich eine lange leitung). I hope you understand this.

Since I am active in English speaking forums, my English is getting better and better.

My translater is DeepL. Is much better than Google.


sorry for the stupid question, but how do I subscribe for early access.
I have one test device that I want to set up on the EA version.

Log in to your Jolla account under which this device is registered.
and go to the bottom, there you will find a section ‘Early access to.Sailfish OS releases’ prepended with a gear wheel.
Within this section you can enable EA, this will be the case for all registered devices for this account. You will only be notified in the GUI if the device is running a licensed OS, devices with free license need to be updated manually.

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thank you - found it, but could not find the thread where I posted :slight_smile: