Community meeting on IRC 12th May 2022

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  • Name/IRC nick: rinigus

  • Topic: Community OBS status after May 2022

  • Some details about the topic: We are getting close to the anniversary of the announcement regarding community OBS (Community OBS - Refurbished and re-floated). As the commitment by Jolla was made for a year, it would be great to hear what are the plans regarding OBS.

  • Approx. time needed: 10 min

  • Substitute (optional): I doubt I can make it to the meeting. Please reply and I am sure there will be others who can fill for me regarding discussion on the topic. Hopefully, @piggz can attend.

Im usually online, and usually miss atleast the start due to taking kids to school, but i’ll try!

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We can do the bug reports first in the hope you can make it @piggz. Either way I’ll try to get an answer and thanks for the question @rinigus.

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Minutes: #sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 12th May 2022
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Log: #sailfishos-meeting log

Thank you to everyone who attended, for the robust and useful discussion today!


Ill add and update the Action stats here.

OBS is primarily used for application development/distribution, and device porting. These two different use cases have a different set of stats.

  1. Application development/distribution using the “chum” repository:
    At the time of writing, chum contains 215 packages, built for 10 Sailfish releases over 3 architectures.
    Currently, the latest aarch64 repository contains 622 unique binary packages
    Developers have contributed a wide range of packages to chum, with many abandoned apps being revitalised within the chum github repository at SailfishOS:Chum community · GitHub. 62 repositories have been created for either abandoned apps, or as packaging repositories for existing linux tools under the chum organisation. For those at Jolla who may not be clear as to how Chum operates, there is extensive documentation at

  2. Hardware adaptation ports are typically subprojects of the “nemo:devel:hw” project on OBS. That project contains 102 device ports at the time of writing, though no claim is made for how active each is. I know of 2 other active ports which will arrive on OBS shortly, for a total of 104 device adaptations.

Additionally, id like to link to these comments


Just to chime in, and I do make an effort to get apps into harbour first, I find chum to be nigh on indispensable. Thanks!


I suppose these are supposed to go here, i.e. the next meeting topic, not the past one?

I’d agree with you @nephros. Since we have some nice info accumulating here, I’ll be sure to check both and create a summary for the next meeting.

As the current Storeman maintainer, I would like to add another point to the list @piggz started, why the SailfishOS-OBS is crucial and indispensable:

  1. Storeman as the only maintained OpenRepos client app, depends on being built and distributed by the SailfishOS-OBS.
    In detail: The Storeman Installer for initially deploying Storeman on a SailfishOS device and also Storeman’s self-updating mechanism relies on the SailfishOS-OBS for providing SailfishOS release version specific builds in order to support a wide range of SailfishOS releases. Hence the SailfishOS-OBS is crucial and indispensable for building and distributing Storeman. Because Storeman is the only maintained OpenRepos client app for long (many years), without it SailfishOS would lack a client app for downloading, installing and managing RPMs and repositories at OpenRepos.

Summary / TL;DR

Without the SailfishOS-OBS, both community app stores will be obsoleted and cease to work: SailfishOS-Chum, because it directly utilises the SailfishOS-OBS for building and distributing the software it contains (point 1), and OpenRepos, because its only client app Storeman relies on being built and distributed by the SailfishOS-OBS (point 3).

Furthermore, most community ports of SailfishOS depend on the SailfishOS-OBS for their hardware adaptation (point 2). Switching off the SailfishOS-OBS means to discard more than 100 device ports (and additional ones in the pipeline)!

  1. Additional perspectives

I hope that depicting the consequences of shutting down the SailfishOS-OBS is helpful to keep it alive: It has become a crucial piece of the infrastructure for SailfishOS apps and ports over the years.


Done: Community meeting on IRC 26th May 2022 - #13 by olf