Design Flaw: Calendar Weekday overlapping in german

The german Weekday “Donnerstag” is overlaping with the Date of Day:

With Font-Size “normal”.

Is this an April 1st post? Just wait one day and your problem may be solved, depending on locale …

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Which device are you using @fingus?

I’ve created an internal bug for this and marked it as tracked. It’s not entirely clear to me what the best solution would be here.

A Sony X Compact with patched Fullversion of Xperia X.

Thanks for clarifying that @fingus (I’ve added the info to our internal report).

I can replicate this with Xperia 10 III with very large text size and the Finnish locale (please ignore the future date):

And this is not the only cover where this happens (please ignore the amount of unread messages):


To me this looks like a handled case; the text is faded smoothly instead of actually overlapping another item. (Okay okay, the text doesn’t actually fit. But to be honest, this is so much better than many other similar cases on other applications and operating systems…)