Screenshot leads to lipstick high CPU and battery drain

REPRODUCIBILITY: 20% (occurs weekly) / 100% (screenshot method)
REGRESSION: Yes, kinda


I have been experiencing sudden and unexplained battery drainage overnight with my XA2 Ultra, and now with Xperia 10 II, too. When I have looked at htop it has every time been lipstick process (with a long list of parameters) that is stuck. This can drain some 50%+ of the battery on my XA2 and just last night ~25% of the battery on my Xperia 10 II.

I am quite sure this happened with 4.0.1, too, but I’m not confident enough to tag it.




Keep using the phone for a day or two
Edit: Take a screenshot.


Lipstick process acts normal.


Lipstick process gets stuck and consumes ~16.8% CPU the whole time, preventing sleep mode, leading to battery drainage.


Rebooting home screen doesn’t work, as lipstick is too stuck. Power cycle fixed the issue, until it appears again.

I just triggered this by taking a screenshot!

I had WhatsApp open, I opened toeterm and htop to monitor the situation, and took a screenshot of the screen for test. Immediately lipstick started to consume CPU, and minutes later, it’s still up. The full command is:

/usr/bin/lipstick -plugin evdevtouch -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap --systemd

For diagnostics’ sake, I turned off autostart of Android app support, and removed the two culprits I am suspecting: Whisperfish and Battery Buddy. I restarted the phone, started fingerterm this time, and boom - Lipstick consumes roughly one CPU core again.

I tried to restart homescreen using Jolla Utilities, but that resulted in a frozen image. I could long-press power button, and tap the general area where the power button should be, and I was able to power off the device gracegully. Now very interesting…

I’m going to test this with my XA2 Ultra later today.

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When I restart the home screen, the X10II just glitches itself out the door. XA2U works fine. Edit: XA2U home screen restart works after triggering the bug, and it also fixes the bug - only to be re-triggered by taking another screenshot…

Both X10II and XA2U can be triggered to battery draining lipstick by taking a screenshot.

The following do not suffer from this screenshot behavior:

  • Jolla Phone (2.2.0)
  • Jolla Phone (3.4.0)
  • Xperia X (
  • Xperia X (

My plain XA2 is running another OS at the moment, so I can’t test that one.

There was a problem in restarting lipstick on X10II. This has been fixed to the upcoming OS release 4.2.0. With that, by taking a screenshot, I cannot trigger the lipstick process higher than to about 10% (of CPU) and for few seconds only.


Great, thank you! Let’s wait for 4.2.0 then!

Should it fix XA2, too?

It looks like the issue occurs by just using the phone… I have had to reboot my phone five times already and have to do it once more… Nothing fancy going on; Firefox, Storeman (browsing and reading comments), WhatsApp, Deezer, SMS phone calls… I really hope this has been fixed properly, as the battery drainage is substantial.