New Role: Community-Bug-Coordinator

Sometimes bugs get swamped in the forum. Thus during the last meeting we defined a new role that is filled with community members.

The responsibilities of this role are:

  • Encourage people to refine their bugreports
  • Encourage people to add a separate bug report if a bug is mentioned in a discussion
  • Track the bugreports (maybe in the future with a label)
  • Bring a chunk of the bugreports that are obviously missed by jolla up in each community meeting

We currently have two people willing to fill the role: me and @pherjung
If you are willing to participate, please comment or write DMs.


@flypig Could be nice to have a tag “fixed”. For instance, this [bug report]( [] On closing a tab one always gets thrown to top of tab list) is fixed but you need to read the comments to find out.


The original poster can mark a reply in the thread as the Solution, which would then mark the topic as Solved (which also adds a satisfying tick in the category list), like this:

I think encouraging reporters to use this would be nicer than adding a new tag. What do you think?

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I looked into tag permissions. Unfortunately it’s not possible to grant you tag permissions to other people’s posts without all of the other admin rights as well, which we’re not able to do at the moment. We can create a tag, but you’d have to persuade the original poster (or a moderator/admin) to tag it on your behalf. Would a tag still be worth having?

Both are relevant and yes, marking as solved is a good way if the user keeps his eyes on his bug reports. In some case, bug reports are listed in the release note or a sailor add a comment under the bug report. With a tag, it could be possible to retrieve all fixed post and easily list them in the release note.

Okay, noted, let me discuss this internally.

And what about a user with some privilege mark the post as resolved?

Sorry for the delay in replying @pherjung.

So would it work if you and @thigg ping me with a list of bug posts to apply the tags to, and I’ll apply them on your behalf? I can do my best to apply them at least once per working day?


If that means, that it is just a manual task for you, then I wouldn’t like to waste your time for this.
In that case we could think about automating it first somehow (or as much as possible). (Maybe just have a bot doing this or something)

If you also draw some benefit from looking at the bugs, that might be an option.

It would be a manual task, yes, but I do see some benefit to me in doing this. My guess is that after the initial tranche of bug reports have been tagged, the effort will drop down (it looks like we average between 1 or 2 new bug reports per day).

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