Bugs listed as fixed in the release notes have now all been tagged as "fixed"

As part of the work being done by the Community Bug Coordination team, last night we tagged a large number of bugs as “fixed”.

All of these bugs had already been listed as fixed in one of the release notes going back to the Sailfish OS 3.4.0 release.

However, as there were over a hundred bugs tagged this way, it’s always possible we made some mistakes in the process, and tagged some bugs erroneously. If you notice this has happened, please ping me or one of the bug coordinators so we can look into it.

The broader aim is to clean up the bug reports on the forum so that the most important and actionable bugs can be focussed on. Hopefully these changes will improve things, but we always rely on everyone in the forum to pick up on errors and to try to keep their bugs up to date. We’re grateful for all of the effort and feedback we’ve already received from everyone.