[] On closing a tab one always gets thrown to top of tab list

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): always
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): independent
UI LANGUAGE: imdependent
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): YES


when closing a browser tab one gets thrown to the first entry of tabs list


having open a few tabs in browser


  1. open a few tabs
  2. open a new one or get it opened.by a link feon already open
  3. close that new tab


one gets to the tab list where you started from, i.e. the second last opened tab


always end up.at the very beginning, tedious to find back the old position


(Please ALWAYS attach relevant data such as logs, screenshots, etc…)


Thank you for reporting. This is already fixed and you’ll get it with the next release after 4.3.0. Unfortunately the fix didn’t catch 4.3.0 release.


4.4.0 didn’t solve this for me

This bug is fixed. At least I can’t reproduce it on 4.4 (X10 II). @ThijssjihT Which device are you using?

X10 II

I was going to reply to this topic again, because I found reproducibility has greatly decreased.
When I installed the update to 4.4.0, closing tabs worked as it should. After I rebooted, I got the bugged behaviour, and I replied here. Afterwards, I didn’t, or rarely encountered this bug.
I am as sure as one can be about seeing this bug again immediately after the reboot after the update. I am not sure if I saw it ever again thereafter. It’s always possible I am mistaken, but I specifically tested this as soon as I updated, so I think that chance is pretty small.

I won’t be needing additional support for this. If I see this bug again, I will open a new bug report.

I’m not sure it’s necessary to open a new bug report. Just reply here and explain what you did.

Ok, I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to open another bug report or not. I said so because this bug is fixed according to multiple others (at least you and rainemak), and I experience much lower reproducibility, so it probably is another bug, if it even is one. But again, I wasn’t sure. So I will reply here if necessary. And with such low reproducibility, it is probably not even worth to smash it.

Thank you for your replies.

Ok, I’m not crazy. It just happened again.
What I did:

  • I opened my browser, and I closed the last tab. Tabs shifted 1 place down, like it should
  • I closed the now last tab. View shifted completely back to the beginning.

I restarted the browser, and could not reproduce this, although I needed an extra step. Tab view was already focused on the first tab, so I needed to scroll to the last tab first. Maybe this step changes the behaviour? I will report again when I have more to go on.

I’m trying to reproduce it. For the following process I used the menu burger from the second website to open tabs:

When closing, I followed this process:

  • Went to tab 5 (rts.ch), from menu burger closed this tab
  • Moved to last tab (linuxfr.org). From menu burger, closed it
  • Moved to 3rd tab (heidi.news), from menu burger closed it
  • Moved to 1st tab (neverssl.com), from menu burger closed it
  • Moved to the last tab (forum.sailfishos.org)

Hmm, weird. As I understand it, this is also not correct behavior, but different from mine.
Also, I never really use the hamburger menu. I close tabs from tab view. I tried, but it make no difference.

I just reproduced it twice in a row:

  • I just opened my browser
  • Opened 4 new tabs and went to some random pages from my bookmarks.
  • I made sure the last tab was active.
  • I closed the browser by swiping down from top right corner
  • I opened the browser
  • I went to tab view
  • I close tab by clicking ×, automatically the first 3 tabs were displayed in tab view, instead of the last 3 tabs.
  • I activated the last tab.
  • I opened the hamburger menu and closed tab from there. Now 1st tab was active, instead of the now last tab.

As I understand it, you opened tabs from links on open web pages. When you close the tab, it jumps to the last active tab, instead of the last tab in the displayed order.
I opened my tabs by clicking the + icon from the application cover, or pressing + from the tabs overview, then selecting a bookmarked page. This way there is no “parent” tab to return to.

I think there is a misunderstanding. From what I understand, closing tab move to the last active one.

EDIT: Never mind, stupid post. Original post below:

Original post:
There is a misunderstanding. My bug is not the same as the bug described in this report. I didn’t carefully read it, as the title describes my bug perfectly, but I should have carefully read on. My fault. Should I open a new bug report, of will we continue discussion here?

I invite you to open a new one :wink:

Sorry, I am blundering. A bit tired I think. My bug does fit the description here. I misread the report because of some typos and unexpected period symbols.

Your description needs to be clarified more for me to understand what the expected behavior is, but as far as I understand it. my experience doesn’t fit your description.

In a hypothetical situation, where there are 7 open tabs (which I label 1 through 7 just to make it easy identifying them here on the forum), and I have tab 4 opened.
From the displayed webpage, I open a link in a new tab. What should happen?

Continuing this same hypothetical situation. I relabel my tabs since I now have 8 tabs open.
Now I activate the last tab. I close the browser. I reopen the browser. This step seems to matter, but I am not sure yet.
I want to close some tabs. The first 4 I want to keep open, tab 5-8 I want to close.
I go to tab view, and see tab 6, 7 and 8. I press × on tab 8.
Expected result: Tab 8 closes, tab 5, 6 and 7 are viewed in the tab view, so I can continuing closing tabs.
Actual result: Tab 8 closes, tab 1, 2, 3 are in view, and I need to scroll back to 5, 6, 7 to continue closing tabs.

Go back to the previous situation with 8 open tabs. Same thing, I open the last tab, close browser, reopen.
I open the hamburger menu and press × to close the tab.
Expected result: Go to tab 7, or go to tab 4 (last active tab).
Actual result: Tab 1 is open.

This is only reproducible if you don’t swipe back and forth in tab view. As soon as you scroll a little bit, the result = expected result

Try again, but without closing your browser.
When closing my browser, I get the same case. If I close my last tab, the first one get focussed on tab view.

To resume:
When you close your tab, on tab view last active one get the focus.
If you close your browser, on tab view the first tab get focus.

Can you confirm?

Is this really what should happen? When I close tab 7, tab 6 should be opened right? And if not, at least the tab view should not shift focus by itself.
If this is really what should happen, we are discussing a user experience so awful, that I thought it was a bug. And not just that. I had such a hard time believing this is not a bug, that we almost couldn’t understand each other discussing this. Please tell me I’m wrong.

I invite you to open a new thread. Feature request is IMHO a good category.

I will do so for sure. Thank you.

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I’m tagging this bug with the “fixed” flag. @ThijssjihT I didn’t see a new post about it in the Feature Request category, but please do feel free to post there (or correct me in case I missed it!).

That’s very much correct!