Notes on tagging bug reports

A quick note about bug reports. Following excellent input from the Community-Bug-Coordinator team we’ve updated the bug template to make it easier to use.

We now have pending and fixed tags. Bug reporters can tag their bug reports as pending if there’s ongoing discussion around it and it’s not yet tracked. The fixed tag can be added when the issue is fixed or resolved.

Sailors and the Community-Bug-Coordination team may also apply these tags to others’ posts if we believe it to be either pending or resolved. This is useful for our broader bug triage process.

There’s still the option to mark an answer as a Solution, which we’d urge people to do as well.

Finally, it’s always been possible (and encouraged) to tag bug reports with the tag of the relevant release (3.4.0, 4.1.0, etc.). Unfortunately a limitation of the forum software means that tags with dots can cause problems. Consequently, we have equivalent tags with underscores 4_4_0 and 4_3_0. Please use these tags for these releases.


Good thing, thank you.
Unfortunately, members with trustlevel less than 3 cannot edit or retag their bugreports. At least not after 31 days (Trustlevel 2).