Community meeting on IRC 7th December 2023

Schedule: Thursday 2023-12-07T08:00:00Z   :world_map:   :date:

Topic proposals for the meeting:

  • Add your name/nick using the template below to suggest a topic.
  • Indicate how much time you’ll need so we can time-box the meeting accordingly.
  • Please be as thorough as you can with your question/topic.
  • If you can’t make the meeting please ask and name a substitute.

It is expected that you show up and present your topic, or name a substitute and make sure they attend in your absence. These IRC meetings are for real time participation and live discussions, otherwise you can post the topic on here and get responses that way.

We need you to be present to clarify details in the topic, and to ensure the discussion is leading to the answers you are looking for! If you do not participate or your question/topic isn’t clear enough it will be postponed. Also: always ask for more time than you anticipate your topic needs!

Please have your topics ready at least 3 days before the meeting so we can prepare good answers. Topics announced afterwards will be postponed to the next meeting.

Template for topic proposal: (post your topic proposals as comments to this forum topic).

* Name/IRC nick:
* Topic:
* Some details about the topic:
* Approx. time needed:
* Substitute (optional):

Open Pull Requests:
If you have, or know of, a pull request that’s been open for at least 3 weeks, but which you think deserves attention, please add a comment using the template below and we’ll consider it during the next meeting.

* Name/IRC nick:
* Open PR URL:

  • Name/IRC nick: Valorsoguerriero97
  • Topic: Future of Jolla
  • Some details about the topic: There are ongoing rumors, docs and newspaper citing that Jolla is under debt restoration, how it is going? The plan is accepted? What we can do to help? What are the consequences for SFOS and supported devices?
  • Approx. time needed: 8min
  • Substitute (optional):
  • Name/IRC nick: Valorsoguerriero97
  • Topic: Battery Drain on Xperia 10 III
  • Some details about the topic: There are some bug reports citing that the 10 III is having battery drain, what’s the point of solving those issues?
  • Approx. time needed: 3 min
  • Substitute (optional):
  • Name/IRC nick: vlagged / b100dian
  • Topic: OBS tar_git support of fileserver
  • Some details about the topic: There is at least a tar_git copy on github which supports a command-line param called “fileserver”. This would allow a build to start by downloading an internet resource of a known SHA-1 if listed in a _sources file.
    This is however not listed in the service spec now.
    The use case is for example software built with npm or yarn which cannot run on OBS (network access) or has a very high cache size (think 500MiB cache for a 5MiB build output) - however can be easily be built in other CI systems such as github/gitlab/codeberg’s.
    It would be useful to use the output of a such build automatically in an OBS build (which would do the non-nodejs part such as qml, c++ rpm packages) by specifying the URL to download & the expected SHA-1 sum, just as fileserver param is doing.
  • Approx. time needed: 5mins
  • Substitute (optional):
  • Name/IRC nick: vlagged / b100dian
  • Topic: PWA / Web Push notifications
  • Some details about the topic: Web push notifications are usually available when service workers are. This allows a running browser/webview app to get messages from websocket connections and pass them to the host OS as native notifications.
    Currently sailfish-browser doesn’t pass HTML5 Web Notifications Test - (no popup for permission => denied). Is there any specific place this could is tweaked to “say no” and where would a browser/webview patch need to look at first to enable these?
  • Approx. time needed: 10
  • Substitute (optional):
  • Name/IRC nick: Zyuc2G
  • Topic: New ownership and opensourcing/GPLv3
  • Some details about the topic: Given SailfishOS proprietary assets are under new ownership, is there any renewed effort to release them under FOSS licensing (in particular Silica)?
  • Approx. time needed: 10mins

Piggy-back question: Please comment on those components that have have been released and published under BSD license, but unpublished again a short time after.



Bug Reports

(by the community bug coordination team)

Only got a few items prepared this time

  • Name/IRC nick: cquence
  • Topic: What are the plans to enable 5G connectivity?
  • Some details about the topic: I remember some work taking place a while ago. Any update you can share would be great! P.S. Well done on the restructuring and fair winds ahead! I probably won’t be able to attend due to work commitments but will read the logs afterwards.
  • Approx. time needed: 5 mins
  • Substitute (optional):

As this came a bit late, we won’t have this prepared. Let’s move this one to the next meeting. Thank you.

Minutes: #sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 7th Dec 2023
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08:55:11 <rainemak> #info We’ll get back to OSS components when time is right.

Not good, as always with Jolla & OSS.
Because this is the classic Jolla-speak for “deferred indefinitely or until we may change our mind, whatever comes first”.


Like 5G question not answered.

Calm down, they promised to pick it up in the next meeting and haven’t broken this promise so far. Or are you misunderstanding the different meaning of those two postponements?

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The 5G subject is up since several months and last informations about it are quite old.
I can understand the delay due to administrative issues.