Community meeting on IRC 30th March 2023

Schedule: Thursday 2023-03-30T08:00:00Z   :world_map:   :date:

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I am unable to access the telegram and matrix rooms from Fernschreiber and Sailtrix. Any suggestions?

I would have liked to ask the question: Will there be an official port for Xperia 10 iv?


  • Name/IRC nick: Valorsoguerriero97
  • Topic: Add the ability to change haptics in keyboard / improve reactivity
  • Some details about the topic: The default sailfish keyboard is frustating because of its weak haptics, I ask for having the GUI to change vibration intensity and to improve its reactivity on SFOS forum. Try posting with it on default browser and you’ll experience heavy lags. However the biggest thing I would love to see is the option to have low/medium/strong haptic feedback. Thx!
  • Approx. time needed: 5minutes?
  • Substitute (optional):
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Untracked bug reports

ID Comments Additional Information
10412 As described in this topic, the regression may come since

Duplicate bug report

ID Duplicate of
4808 Sounds related with 11021.
  • Name/IRC nick: mad_dev
  • Topic: Right-To-Left Optimization(RTL)
  • Some details about the topic: RTL is not yet optimized in SFOS, where input fields and headers are automatically text aligned to the right if the script is right to left. I have also sent an email on March 13 with the same topic. My question is, what is Jolla’s stance on RTL, and is the patched solution(appending a mirroring declaration) the best way forward?
  • Approx. time needed: 3-5 minutes.
  • Substitute (optional):
  • Name/IRC nick: crun
  • Open PR URL:
  • time : 10mins

Sailfish itself is now pretty usable.
However the X10iii has hardware related issues that are showstoppers for me - I cannot use it beyond a secondary phone.

These may all relate to Sony and the Sony AOSP. Can any of them be fixed at all by Jolla, or are these just AOSP bugs in a now obsolete phone that Sony will never fix?

  • Standby Battery Drain
  • GPS Lock is slow/unable when signal is weak - Side-by-side is different to Android. Seems to be all Sonys, not just 10iii. Internet/cell disabled - this is nothing to do with AGPS
  • VoLTE does not configure/register on any of the 3 carriers in NZ Android or SFOS - registration appears disabled here, and my carrier blames Sony. I can probably get the required configuration data from the carrier, but need a way to put it in the phone. Does Sony block whole countries? Is the X10iii whitelisted (i.e. only Sony contracted carriers/regions will every work)? Is this happening in blobs or is it something SFOS can access?

Do you know how VoLTE configures and registers (i.e. what is going on here), or is this a block box to you as well?

Does Sony help in any meaningful way e.g answering questions now the X10iii is obsolete?

Can we get a might fix / can’t fix acknowledgement?

To date there have not been any requests for tests/info on any of these topics. I have both Android and SF X10iii’s and can side by side compare them.


Sorry for not doing this the right way before, there is nothing new and the question should be possible to answer given only the previous information, but here is:

  • Name/IRC nick: Martin Book / martinbook85 (not IRC, but forum nickname)
  • Topic: Will there be an official port for Xperia 10 iv?
  • Some details about the topic: Jolla / Sailfish has had an official port for all the middle range Xperia phones since Xperia X, continuing with Xperia XA2, Xperia 10, Xperia 10 ii and Xperia 10 iii. The 10 iii is somewhat difficult to get at a reasonable price and therefore several (5-10 that I have encountered, maybe more) people have gone out to get an Xperia 10 iv. There has been no promise about a port for Xperia 10 iv but it is still available for purchase at quite an OK price. It would therefore be good to know if there will be an official port.
  • Approx. time needed: Very short, a yes or no answer would suffice.
  • Substitute (optional): My work day doesn’t allow me to join the chat but I think it is not too complicated to bring up the topic and give a response without anyone explaining the question.



No worries! I appreciate you coming back and using the proper template, it makes my life easier.


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Minutes (text):

Would it be ok for you if I moved your topic to the next meeting?

Sure, no problem at all!

My apologies for not being able to attend the meeting.

I checked the backlog and I find the answer to be sufficient. I will commence with the community RTL patch until more users join or show interest in the hopes that Jolla offers an official solution.