Sailfish on VollaOS

Ah, thanks! I have a license but have no idea how to create an MS365 account? I just looked at accounts in Settings on my 10ii but evidently need to install something, perhaps?

Yes, probably. You’d need to install the “Microsoft Exchange” package from the Jolla Store if you don’t already have it.

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Hello, Volla describe multi-boot option, but their page Volla Home covers Volla OS and Ubuntu touch. Are they also offering Sailfish pre-installed, or will they in the future? Ideally one including the Jolla commercial extras?

I love Sailfish but had lots of problems getting it up and running on my Sony. Not sure I want to go through that ever again. A pre-installed option would be great. I would be happy to pay for it.

Don’t know about Volla and Sailfish, but there are preinstalled phones to buy.

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You can flash SFOS on Volla with UBports installer. See here:

Scroll down and read the chapter ’ How to install Ubuntu Touch OS’
You have to download a flashing software (UBports Installer) to flash the Volla phone. The UBports Installer is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

With the UBports Installer you have also an option to install SFOS. At the beginning the UBports Installer asks you what OS you want to flash onto the device, choose SFOS here.

I’m using Volla Phone 22 with multiboot option. Sailfish on sd-card and Volla OS on internal memory.
You can install either Sailfish or Ubuntu as a second OS from multiboot settings.
And if you don’t want to use multiboot function you can flash Sailfish direct to internal memory.
The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

Okay. So no chance for Volla Users, cause they can’t get a paid X licence!?

I’m afraid yes, that’s the case @oedelmeier as far as I understand it.

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My Volla phone is still on SFOS . Can I update it to some later SFOS version? How can I find out whats the latest available version for
ssu re 4.x.y.z
ssu ur
zypper ref
zypper dup

Thanks for hints!

same answer as in some other thread.
just check the obs repo that i did link there and you will see if there is something never
i did check two days back: it is not

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Updated the devel: channel to … if all goes well tomorrow ill push to testing for the volla and volla-x phones


Dont jump ahead and update just yet, just realised BT isnt working :smiley:

@piggz thanks for warning, so I better wait with update because BT is important for me (BT sound adapter). I’m happy with on Volla but also want to stay up to date, but want not to disturb a well working feature only to have top modern system.

Will you announce here if BT is also fixed?

Many thanks for the wonderful Volla port!!!

I will write here when its all working

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To be double sure … if you are using the devel: channel… do not update … the kernel is broken and will result in a boot loop


Hallo Sir Piggz,

please update hw:/volla:/halium-mimameid to …0.19

Thanks very much again @piggz for warning me!
Do you mean in ‘Settings/developer tools/Enable developer updates (requires registration)’?
This is NOT checked in my Volla’s settings, and I never made this required extra registration. I’ll stay careful and will not update before you write here that it’s OK and can be done without danger to brick the Volla.

the url above is from testing channel: see testing
there is an image from dev channel too


Devel or testing means the image you originally installed from gitlab. Devel ones are for me, or those on the edge, testing is for users.

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Ok, so for the original Volla phone (yggdrasil/GS290) 4.5 is now available.
ssu re
ssu ur
zypper ref
zypper dup

When doing zypper dup, please confirm nothing crazy gets removed, downgrades are fine and normal.