Sailfish on VollaOS

i could not find anything on the net … so starting a new thread here.

i have following queries:

  • sfos for volla phone is currently on 3.4, are there plans to update to 4.x ?
  • the proximity sensor seems not to work on my phone, am i the only one ?. screen does not get dark during phone calls with all the consequences, like touching buttons with the ear
  • i am using sfos as dual boot, so running it from sdcard - the system freezes approx once a day. i suspect that only the display driver goes dark, however i need to reboot the phone then. sometimes i need to reboot first to vollaos then back to sfos

Thanks !

I think @piggz is the maintainer of the Volla phone port, maybe he can answer here but that’s not an officially supported device, as you probably know :slight_smile:

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  1. last week @piggz wrote this on Volla telegram channel:

It reads like update to 4.x is still WIP but that there’s no breakthrough on the hwcomposer issue,yet.

  1. I have no issue with the proximity sensor. When I put the phone on my ear, screen goes black. When I take it away from my ear screen comes back and is operable again.
    The only issue I recognized is that I can’t change the volume for calls and speaker.

  2. Can’t confirm. I don’t have any problems with freezing system.

thanks for the update.
in vollaos the proximity sensor works. are you using abm ? or did you flash sfos on the phone itself ?

I’m using ABM
Proximity sensor works in all installed systems (Android, UBTouch and SFOS).

bad, so something special on my phone …
… the freeze is imho a display driver issue. when scree goes black, i can make it light black (backlight on) by click on button and when i put my finger on fingerprint sensor i feel phone vibrating so it is not frozen. it just does not show the ui.

are you using patchmanager ?

started csdtool, light sensor and proximity sensors do fail

Ive seen some weirdness where people had mixed up repos. Are you on devel: or testing: ? (you should be on testing:) Im going to attempt a fresh port based on 17.1 and aarch64 to see if that gets us past the issues with 4.0

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thanks for the response.
i have now clue. i took the image that is attached to abm wiki.
and i have no idea where to take it from else. can you share the link to repo ?

They shouldnt be advertising that image … try this one instead

will give it a try now. thanks !
do i need to whipe the partition first or can i just install it over it ?
i did actually just reused the partition as is and now booting sfos ends in twrp :smiley:
booting into vollaos seem to work. so i have a retry, thank god

did now try 3 times and i do always endup in twrp :frowning:

Which volla-os version is installed?

PPR1.180610.011 dev-keys is build number is custom build-version

puh that was tough:

  • needed to install boot manager, then only could create successfully a new sfos rom and use it.
  •, flash lk …
  • now i am on your recomended image

update: i can confirm that light sensor and proximity sensors are now working.
I had one freeze so far, when trying to create a new mail (or better) fix an mail account