The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

This thread if for discussing the Volla 22 port and for me to post progress. If anyone want to test things, give me a shout and i’ll get you a test build and instructions.

Current progress is pretty good.Ive made calls, used mobile data, taken pictures, used wifi. Still some things to iron out before I make a more public test build though.


The current state is approximately, everything working except:
Video recording causes crash


The video recordong issue seems to be present on all aarch64 devices and SFOS 4.4, like my 10 III

Does Volla’s multi-boot feature work? Can I install Sailfish on sd card using this feature?

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Not yet, but thats the intention



work this port on GS5 Seimens Gigaset?

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It should… My understanding is the Volla 22 is a re-branded GS5

Ahoj Mr. piggz i would Test it on my Rephone…Please Install Instruction


Here is the first somewhat complete image. Pipeline · sailfishos-porters-ci / Halium Mimameid Ci · GitLab . Still development, so no complaining. Extract, run “sudo sh” and put the phone into fastboot mode. If it is the same product name, it will flash, if not, its up to you if you want to edit the product name in the script and try and flash it anyway.