Sailfish Community News, 7th March 2024 - EULA

Sailfish OS update from Jolla

In the last week’s community meeting we had once again very good discussion with you, the Sailfish OS community, and we’d like to highlight few topics to give you an idea what kind of topics are being discussed.

  • Open source discussion
    • Frequently asked and we hear you
    • We’ll update on this topic during the spring
  • What is required to support eSIM?
    • Initial investigation done
    • Supporting eSIM requires development efforts
  • Sony Xperia 10 III echo cancellation discussion
  • Discussion about a community roadmap
    • How to present it
    • Maybe to piggyback to the newsletter

This Monday we rolled out 4.5.0 minor release containing updated Sailfihs OS EULA. In tandem with Sailfish OS EULA update we have deployed the new shop platform and updated privacy policy. Jolla account holders have been informed about privacy policy update but let’s repeat the beef.

At this point we wanted to take the opportunity to review our privacy policy, and the personal data we store about our users. The practical changes are not huge, but here are the key points:

  • The legal entity changed from Jolla Ltd. to Jollyboys Ltd. We are still the same team, just under a new name.
  • Added information about the 3rd party service providers we use, and clarified some wording of the privacy policy in general.
  • Removed phone number and address from the Jolla Account information. We do not really need them, so there is no reason to keep them.

We would ask you to now read our revised privacy policy, and mark that you accept it by logging in to your Jolla Account and ticking the accept box.

Sauna 4.6.0 release is heating up nicely (culture heritage item) – it’s coming with just be a bit more patience. Back in new years greetings we communicated last time items that we are working on that you might see on Sauna release or later. We do not reveal them all but as some of you have been following @mal’s updates on the GCC update from GCC 8 we shall say few words about that. First of all, thank you very much for your supporting comments and feedback. Now we’re very happy to say, with a good confidence, that GCC 10 will hit the 4.6.0. For Sauna release as on Tuesday one critical piece of the puzzle got integrated leaving GCC 10 itself pending. This will bring improved support for new C++ standards like we communicated earlier. At the same with Sauna release we’re internally in sync with you, Sailfish OS Community, having the same toolchain – hopefully helping for example @flypig (and other community members) working on the Gecko update and @rubdos or @direc85 working on Whisperfish (and other community members).

Just before publishing this fortnight, we announced that the translation round has started. The deadline for this round is Sunday the 24th of March. After the translation round (or during), we branch out Sauna 4.6.0 and start preparing the first release candidate.

Finally, as the EULA update release notes generated discussion about Sony Xperia 10 IV and 10 V, those two devices deserve a comment as well. Previous thinking still holds, it’s either both of them or neither. That said, we have taken great steps forward since communicated last time and current thinking is that it is possible to support them both – we’ll keep you posted. Note also that the Sony Xperia 10 V running Sailfish OS was actually featured in the FOSDEM (thank you @throwaway69 regarding the picture).

Energy from the Community

Repository roundup

Thanks to the hard work of mal on the GCC upgrade, some blockers with systemd have been addressed and the patches merged some days ago.

Communication bits

Other applications

Low level libraries

  • libsocialcache , a library and a QML plugin that is used to manage cache from social networks, jmlich upgraded it for Qt6.
  • giflib , a library to manipulate GIF format image files, mal updated it to 5.2.2 and added a patch to fix CVE-2021-40633.
  • maliit-framework , the code handling the keyboard, MrCyjaneK while working on Flutter integration, enabled glib2 support as a separated package, named maliit-framework-wayland-glib .
  • usb-moded , the USB tracking daemon, spiiroin enabled by default the power supply type detection based on the usual power_supply device. This is usefull for USB Power Devices (PD) that may not report being different from a computer.
  • lipstick , the home screen code (open source parts), pvuorela removed usage of too old egrep in favour of grep -E .
  • quota , tools to limit disk usage, LaakkonenJussi ensured that quota run is finished before launching elements that requires write access to the home directory. Indeed, quota is making the home filesystem read-only during its operation.
  • systemd , a system and service manager, mal investigated an issue with systemd when compiled with a newer version of GCC. He backported two patches to fix the issue.

Developer’s corner

App roundup

We’re expecting somebody asking. So, more about this next fortnight. This fortnight focuses more to the Sailfish OS updates and changes.

Please feed us your news

Hope you enjoyed reading this fortnight! As always, please do not hesitate to share your ideas, thoughts, or suggestion for future newsletter topics.

Let’s keep working together!

Please do also join us at our community meetings on IRC, Matrix and Telegram. Next community meeting will be on the 14th March


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Will SDK be getting some love along with Sauna 4.6? (reminding myself to post some SDK bugs).


Keeping us updated about the upcoming update is very nice. Thank you!

Even if you are careful regarding iv/v support and other details. Keeps me staying curious


GCC 10 with good C++20 support, possible support for Xperia 10 V… Continuing work on Gecko update. These news give me optimism about Sailfish future :slight_smile: So, I am going to jump to translations…


Even without any new feature, maintaining components is a huge task.

New versions

  • motivate other developers
  • bring new 3rd-party features
  • more security

Once the upgraded browser ist fully working, I hope that there will be enough developers for doing minor upgrades frequently.


Now this is interesting. Flutter on Sailfish would be so nice! Where can I find more about this initiative?


I helped with it you can mostly find it by joining out telegram group but i’ll point the guy in question too

Telegram: Contact @SFOSFanclub


In case anyone wonders the links inside the article for the Community Os Update Service are fixed now.


GCC 10 huh? I thought GNU announced that version as EOL two years ago? Any reason why Sailfish can’t use a newer supported build?

Not a complaint, but simply an observation I made.

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SailfishOS is required to stay behind debian old.


It’s easier to jump from one release to another than jumping straight to the latest.


Is there a chance the echo cancellation bug will be fixed? This bug and the constant inability to connect to the internet from the Android layer made me switch away from Sailfish, though I’d love to come back.

Please check this thread:

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