Android 13 and SailfishOS on xperia 10 III

I bought a new xperia 10 III for use with sailfishOS. I accidentally upgraded it to Android version 13 before installing SailfishOS. Is there any experience with flashing sailfishOS on a 10 III with Android 13? Do I have to use an other image from Sony then (i.e.:, see step 5 in the “howto install Sailfish X on Xperia™ 10 III”).
Or is there a way to get it back to Android 11 (that was the original version after I bought it, with a kind of factory reset)?
Thanks for any help

This has been asked several times before (use search), and is covered in the installation instructions.


I did it. It works just fine…with usual bugs the people on the forum describes.

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I would flash to the recommended Android version and do all recommended tests before flashing SFOS for less troubles and better compatibility with existing systems. Otherwise you maybe will run into problems that nobody knows here and then nobody can help you.
Search for EMMA tool and how to use it, here in the forum and the internet.


thanks for the information and sorry for not searching first. I was a bit in a shock when I discovered my mistake :exploding_head:. I used Emma from Sony to reinstall Android 11 and installation of sailfish is now finished. I’m curious, how my experience with sailfish will be


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The install instructions here say that you need Android 11 (or 12).
Is there a newer version of these instructions regarding Android 13 ?
If no, do I just need to download the Software binaries for AOSP Android 13.0– Kernel 5.4- Murray (v2) at Step 5 and get on with the instructions ?


You download what is in the instructions:

@emva Are you sure is going to work with this Android 13 device ?

If you are using Sony Xperia 10 III, follow the guide.

If you have Android 13 follow this guide.

@emva I am buying a Sony Xperia 10 III with Android 13 already installed on it, does this mean I have to downgrade Android to v11 or v12 BEFORE installing SailFish ?

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That’s what the instructions say.

@attah I see no Android 13 nor downgrade mention in these instructions, that is why it was not obvious for me.

I want to be really sure before buying this Android 13 device.

A bit up from The baseband version table.

Several days ago I’ve flashed my 10 III with Android 13 (62.2.A.0.525) using EMMA and then SFOS on top of it. Result? A considerably better working device than on Jolla’s recommended Android 11. None of the people I spoke with confirmed hearing any echo, and the display’s green/yellow tint issue is also gone, without any kind of fix being used for that. At the same time, I haven’t noticed absolutely any negative effects. So I can actually RECOMMEND flashing SFOS over Android 13.


Good work trying it!
I suppose it would be too much to hope for, that it improved flight mode current drain?

i’m curious if you have sound disappearing issues

Oh my god that green tint of the screen is horrible… Really??? A13 works better over SFOS???

Please check the audio recording? Sounds loud? Thank you.

Sadly, I haven’t noticed any difference when it comes to power drain. Maybe power consumption related stuff is in the Sony AOSP binaries.

Yes. I haven’t seen it a single time with Android 13, without any kind of fix.

No, no change here. I still need to boost the mic level to get reasonably loud recordings. I suspect it is a SFOS thing, not related to Android.

Too little time to say. And also with Android 13 I only had it 2-3 times in 1,5 years, and only after using GPS. So it is not easy to reproduce.

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