Is it just me, or has Android internet connection degraded in Verla?

I read Wikipedia a lot using its official Android app, and I don’t remember getting as many “offline” moments in Kvarken. Now it’s almost a given, if your phone has been running for more than half a day. Reboot, and it works for a while. It used to happen on Kvarken too but definitely not as often, almost as if on schedule.


Within weeks i had no problems with Andoid apps that rely on internet connections. However, I had one issue (requirung a reboot) since I updated to Verla but I am not sure if this was during the EA phase or later

Yep. Definitely have this effect too. Constantly when i open Fennec to surf somewhere I get “Network Error” messages. You can the either restart the Android support or turn off and on the Wifi but usually the most effective one is flight mode on/off.
I suppose you can mess up some default settings in the android settings of the VM cause there is a connectivity routed through from Sailfish but I don’t know how and what to change there.

It seems that there’re various methods for Android apps to access the net. Some people report no issues at all. On my phone I have a lot of trouble. Especially if I leave ore enter the coverage area of a Wifi network.
So far the only more or less reliable workaround is to restart Aliendalvik, which I do now many times a day.

It’s a real pain in the neck


Yes, definitely an issue.
When network mode switched between WiFi and mobile network, Android apps always lost the connection.


Same for me.


same here with Xperia 10 II


Same here, i have no proofs, but Android apps seem to often loose their network Jolla should investigate this…


This problem, certainly on the XA2, has been present across a few releases of Sailfish now. I’d have thought that if it was easy to fix they would have done it by now. The best we can hope for is that there is either a fix or an improvement in 4.3 in a few months time, but I wouldn’t rely on this.

It was already bad in previous releases, however it got much worse with 4.2.

I often feel embarrassed when other people lough at me because of my dysfunctional phone.


For me it was new in this release.
Also for me, switching my Cellular data connection to IP from both/dual seems to fix the issue.

I have always had WLAN and mobile data active for a long time. During the day in the home it is a disaster with WLAN since the last update. It is an absurdity to have to wait for a new update in a few months.
For me, switching my mobile data connection from both/dual to IP will not fix the problem. Inside the apartment, the reception with mobile data is close to zero.

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There’s other threads reporting the same issue which became prevalent after the upgrade to

and here

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Same here,
Hardware: XA2 Dual SIM (H4113), UI language: German
Reboot fixed the problem temporary.

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You don’t need to reboot, restarting (Stop/Start) Android support via Settings-System-Android App Support does the same job, keeps the native apps running and is a lot quicker.

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Same here (only occurred to me since 4.2 on a Xperia 10 ii) - stopping and restarting Android Support brings network connection back to Android apps

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I have a new Xperia 10 II, and so far only connection issues I have had have been when switching between wifi and mobile data. Mobile data connection has so far worked flawlessly. Might be because I have a freshly flashed Verla on the phone.

On my previous Xperia X I experienced a lot of connection issues when ever I switched between mobile stations. I had to turn mobile data off and on or switch to airplane mode and back to get it working again.

Whenever I flashed back to android, used it a couple of days and then flashed SailfishOS, it worked for a while until the next Sailfish update, after which problems started again. Might be that something in Sailfish’s update process breaks the mobile data connection.

Also interestingly enough I had less problems with switching between stations if a had an established data connection, for example when I was playing a video. When the data connection was idling it was more likely to drop the connection between stations.

Xperia XA2: I never had this kind of trouble, since Kvarken every day … pfff

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thx for the hint!

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I have this on an XA2 Plus: