Android apps lose internet connection using wlan

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): (Verla)
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XA2 dual sim
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes


When using android apps the internet connectoon is often lost (i.g.browser displays no internet connection, pages cannot be loaded) using wlan mode. Seems to occur especially when signal strength is low. At the same time native sfos browser works fine.

After re-starting android support. Internet connection in android apps
works again.


Use android app, e.g chrome, twitter, etc. in wlan mode.


  1. Turn off mobile, turn on wifi and
  2. Open Chrome browser
  3. Load any website


Loading of web pages, internet connection in android apps.


No pages loaded, internet connection lost. After re-starting android support
internet connection in android apps work.


(Please ALWAYS attach relevant data such as logs, screenshots, etc…)


This issue exists also after Update to I must correct myself. The problem exists also having high signal strength. It seems to occur when changing mobile → wifi mode, or changes between wifi access points. After re-starting android support, android apps work as usual, while native apps like the sfos browser never have this issue.


This kind of issue is posted several times. By looking over them it seems that an failure in the DNS is the cause. You can prove it with the android app ‘pingtools’: local net and IPs is working, DNS not. After restart of android support DNS is working again .

The issue occurs if you are walking in a wifi-mesh and change the accesspoints, too.

Does anyone know an hotfix for this? (Everyday I miss several messages on threema because of this!)


There are other threads reporting the same issue which became prevalent after the upgrade to

and here

To get wifi network connection running again it is enough to switch wifi off and on. This is much faster than restarting android support.

Not for me: I can confirm this regression but just re-activating Wi-Fi connection isn’t sufficient, I always need to restart android support after I re-established a Wi-Fi connection with successfull check. AFAIR, on networks with limited internet access, android apps report ‘no internet connection’ even for otherwise perfectly working Wi-Fi connections (bromite refuses to load internal pages).


This is getting frustrating. Every time I leave the house and use mobile connection, coming back and switching to my wlan, network connection is lost for all android apps. Only re-starting android support resolves this issue. Re-starting network is not sufficient. Why is there no quick fix available by Jolla?


Yep, still a problem in 4.3, even though I am on X10 II.


yep, can confirm that 4.3 still got that issue :frowning: frustrating. Sometimes losing connection even on 4g no wifi… just randomly.

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i had the feeling, that on 4.1, if the issue was there, I could deactivate wifi and android apps worked via mobile data. if i activated wifi again, they had again no connection.

On 4.2 if the cinnection was lost, android apps did not recover at all, when loosing wifi.

And 4.3 is at the 4.1 behavior again.

I am not perfectly sure tho

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Yep, that’s exactly right: if wifi loses connection, disabling wifi allows Android apps continue to access network over 4G just fine.

I’ve verified via Terminal, native network is alive and well even with wifi enabled. Only Android layer fails.

Restarting “Android App Support” also restores Android app network access over wifi.

Disappointing it’s still such a struggle.


Are there any directions we can investigate into to help jolla debugging this issue?

it looks like its something hard to test/debug, but given some pointers, I could imagine playing a bit around.

For example: where do I fond the docs on how the lxc is connected to the network?

I had the problem with Verla but it no longer occurs since upgrade to 4.3 EA (XA2 Plus dual sim).

It seems for me, that the fix in 4.3 made things worse. My Android apps still loose internet connections when I leave and re-enter my wifi range. However, up until 4.2 I could simply use the “Restart network” option from the Jolla Utilities app. This was a quick fix for me, since it just took a few seconds to get everything working again. Since updating top 4.3, this no longer works. Even after restarting network, the Android Emulator still has no internet connection. I have to restart the Android App support now, which takes a much longer time.


Yep, exactly the same experience here.

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Known issues to Android App Support 10 - Xperia 10 II, Xperia 10, and Xperia XA2

  • Sometimes, Android apps may not be able to use Internet connections via a mobile network. If there are connection problems later on (either WLAN or mobile data), stopping and starting the Android service at “Settings > Android App Support” should help. Toggling the connection off and on is another trick to try.

What the heck, Jolla knows and will fix it eventually…

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+1 (XA2 Plus)

Really annoying!

After last sfos update, I had the feeling it has been resolved. But it still doesnt work often. Again only restarting Android support helps. As reported before, Jolla knows this.problem. No idea why its that hard to fix.


I can confirm this on my XA2 with

An internal bug filed about this, once again.

If you want to help, please collect logs from your phone with this script:

Please indicate the date and time when the connection issue was observed. This makes reading the logs easier.

We recommend filing a ticket at Zendesk and attaching the log package to it for privacy reasons.


i have strange behaviour: no connection e.g. on aptoide but opera works. dont use droid that often but its kind of strange.