Category suggestions

Taking the liberty to create a collection thread for suggestions on new categories…

I was thinking it could be good to separate out user discussions about Sailfish apps from development of them. Similarly, Android apps with their tips, tricks and dependencies could deserve their own category.


Thanks for the idea. I’m sure we can make something like that happen.


A guides section would be nice. Only for howtos.


A section for app developers/users to create a topic about an application, like the application section on TMO.


the sections are too far related to development now coming from the user-only oriented TJC.
I guess almost all posts from TJC can go into the bug report or other section here (maybe beginner, too ;)).
So, I did/do like the sectioning of TMO!

But I do see other categories filling up also, so we should not hunt for new categories but collect good proposals…


That’s exactly what i meant.


Inspired by an article I just read under Beginners, I suggest the following sections and categories.

  • Devices => Setting up
  • Android => Compatibility / GSF dependency / Android apps known to be working / Native alternatives
  • Rants (or something less poignant: Blowing off steam, Howling at the moon)
    And it would be best when articles limit themselves to one item, instead of covering a lot of different aspects.
    For searching, it would be great when solutions get a higher search value than “unsolved” or “duplicate/closed”.

Thanks for your suggestions.

We had some internal discussion about these suggestions, and we decided that we will continue with the current categories for some weeks now. After a few weeks, we will have a look at your suggestions and decide which ones we will implement. In the mean time, please keep those suggestions coming! And use that heart shaped button so that we can see which suggestions are the most popular ones!


Re. categories, it seems to me there is a fundamental question of what the moderators wish to achieve for users of this forum.

Speaking as a User, it seems to me that both Users and Devs would benefit from a clearer separation of interests than the forum categories currently provide, as the goals of each are generally disparate. Perhaps re-naming and sub-categorisation is worth exploring?

I have further thoughts but I’ll leave this post short for other comments. Thanks @attah for opening the conversation.

[edit] Ok, I’ll just add that the longer it’s left as-is, the messier it may become…


Is it possible to set up aa wiki post that everybody can edit?

Then we could just collect all ideas there.

I propose also a Buy&Sell category


id suggest sth like app request / hire a dev category… users could ask for apps or patches to be made by devs and could offer money for it, others could chip in too to raise the pot for the dev.

this: Gallery cover is useless is already something like that.


Here’s mine: I had a problem with charging, but I didn’t have the confidence to say that it deserved to be called a bug report, since I felt like the possibility of hardware failure. But the best category besides bug report is “General”. I put it there, since it is applicable, but I felt like there should be a category like “Help and Troubleshooting” or something…

By the way, I’m on Android at the moment, and the site works beautifully on recent Android. Too bad there’s no way for SFOS users to experience it…


I suggest the creation of a new category, named e.g. “Hackers corner” or similar, where users can ask and discuss small or minor “hacks” or modifications, that the user can make for himself, modifying slightly some config files, without waiting for the next SFOS edition and/or without involving the whole developing process.

E.g. the remorse timer theme discussed in

or the charger disconnected message issue discussed (and solved) here


What about a “Feature Requests” category? On TJC Bug Reports and Feature Request were two very important post “types”, but here we only have the Bug Reports section and need to put Requests into the General section.

Currently there might not be so much content for Feature Requests, but at least after the migration of the TJC data, the amount will be significant. (And I implicitly propose to put all TJC threads tagged as feature requests into the new “Feature Requests” section here).


I would love a Buy & Sell category. I’ve been going through the Xperia 10, Xperia 10 Plus and an Xperia XZ3 to find my ideal Sailfish phone.

Phones with SFOS are still a little too niche to sell on generic 2nd-hand websites.


I think a buy and sell category might be out of scope and not that easy to regulate (and who is legally responsible if something goes wrong?). You could always use for buying/selling things, it shares a large part of its userbase with this forum anyway.

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Having seen the aftermath of 3.4 EA; i definitely think Patches needs their own category. Even threads that make an effort to use good titles end up looking like they are something that is relevant for all. Many people don’t use any patches, and similarly, al lot of people think they are the best thing since sliced bread. Hope this can be made more clear.


This has been now added


We have now added “Devices” category. Perhaps not exactly as you envisioned it, but in any case the original idea was yours! :slight_smile:


Since we have a devices features categories can a mod move various topics that are spread in other areas there. For keeping it tidy.


to name a few.