Sailfish OS pinephone

i would like to know if the sailfish operating system can be installed on the pinephone?


I guess it is possible, but perhaps is not officially supported by Jolla?, I don’t know I haven’t studied any of it as I’m still happily using an original Jolla1 device.

Someone has it running on a pinephone;

If this is something that will be supported by Jolla, then a pinephone may well be my next device.

Also, on the original Jolla forum, there are a few threads regarding pinephone/sailfish, this particular link is quite recent;


Even if it’s not supported by Jolla but the port turns out to work well and I’m confident the developers/porters are fully behind it I will buy one eventually.
There won’t be Android support then but, well, I guess I can live with that.


Just have a look at this: and probably take a look at this too:


I would love to see Jolla officially comitting to that device and put more effort in speeding up things. I instantly would buy a Pinephone when SFOS is running more or less properly on that device.


While I would love this, Jolla has over the years commited to quite a lot of <fewK devices projects (fairphone, geminiPDA, that gold-plated-platinum-encrusted-thingy-everyone-forgot-about…), it’s just not viable as each device requires quite a lot of tweaking (look at sony xperias bluetooth or fingerprint support) and userbase is nowhere near to make return on that investment. PinePhone has exactly the opposite approach to Jolla (only HW, let SW sort itself), might look as a match made in heaven, but it’s also a thing that was tried before and failed each and every time (cosmo not getting official sfos, community edition at most, fairphone 3 same deal more or less). But at least with pinephone all drivers are open so the pine community should make it work, it’s no longer blackbox of android drivers, so there’s still hope


As stated before, I don’t think it has to be an official port to convince me to buy a Pine Phone. Just a well maintained one.


They should focus on the PineTab imho, though possibly both devices are sharing so many components you support the PinePhone you get PineTab support “for free” more or less?

There’s nice phone hardware already available, but there’s a gaping hole as far as tablets go. And also users will be less demanding with a tablet than with a phone. Only if there’s no Android support the browser situation could be a serious problem.

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I bought a Pinephone (as well as the Pinebook) for the fun of it.

The book is OK considering the low price. It’s a nice travel companion especially considering the option to be able to load i.e extend battery life with an external one … albeit quite a toll on the powerpack. :face_with_head_bandage:
I’m using the Manjaro install that came with it … and am actually quite happy. :smiley:
On top, it’s the only laptop I’ve ever acquired (and I have bought a lot) that comes with a screwdriver. :blush:

The phone is relatively cheap but for now mediocre in it’s specs, especially the camera.
There’s a lot of hardware that needs proper drivers and most players (read OSes on offer) aren’t really very good.
For now UBports, SFos and the especially upcoming PostmarketOs-phosh are the top 3 … just don’t look to this device for a full-time phone replacement (yet).

As to “android support”: Forget it … it’s a device that’ll run a full desktop Linux just fine so why would you need the dumbed down Android stuff, anyway? See it as a small Linux tablet with some extra phone functionality and you wont be disappointed.


Yes, that’s it ! I fully agree.


i 've bought an pinephone 4-6 weeks ago. it came yesterday.
postmarket os was installed on it.
it had only 4 apps on it: browser, contacts . phone and terminal.
i could make a call, was heard but i could not hear the counter part
i could connect to nextcloud and sync contacts…

today i flashed ubuntu touch on it.
i can do calls, i can run web telegramm, morph as browser
i was not yet able to connect to nextcould, but seems that google, owncloud / nextcloud / evernotes / caldav should be supported soon.
i have just installed pure apps (rinigus :))
the battery consumption seems higher, it gets warm a bit.
it has edge swipes btw.

it is currently not as fluent as SailfishOS, it is and might never be as beautiful.
but - it’s not in an too bad shape - not yet a daily driver.

i would definitely love to see Sailfish on it


You can put Sailfish OS on it, although it is currently a work-in-progress. Calling was added recently, along with other improvements. I haven’t flashed a recent version to my PinePhone since I was experimenting with Manjaro ARM (Phosh and Lomiri), but I’ll probably flash it again to see where it currently stands.

just tried to flash, flashing went fine, phone boot. let me connect to wlan and let me sign into my existing account and then hangs with spinning circle:
first i thought it hangs in boot process, but i was able to open top menu, and open the camera. the circle seems to be the homescreen.
i did try option 2 during flashing: brave-heart… (and with no sim inserted)
after i did insert sim, i ended up in homescreen :slight_smile:

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Pawel, if you just put a simcard in that should solve the screen lock problem. Otherwise, have a look here: Once you’ve turned off the pin lock it doesn’t happen again. Calls are problematic, camera doesn’t work but everything else does…and better than most other distros except UT.


Oh, nice to find this thread!
I think now about buying a Pinebook to have something between (in size and transportability) the Sony X10 and the “big” Linux laptop.

yup, same experiences here, thanks !

I have installed the latest available SailfishOS for pinephone on my pinephone 1.2 (3G ram 32 GB storage …) and it looks lovely and is really nice to use, however, battery life is dismal at the moment and the battery display does not update (just shows 52% no matter the state).
I do like the SailfishOS interface and it is very slick. But as said, it is a work in progress and POC of what could be done.

The port is a beautiful POC (thanks a lot to the porters for their work!), and while it shouldn’t take long to make it usable, some parts are not that easy to accomplish. With SFOS 3.4+, Email and Browser apps won’t work without a fundamental solution of the non-libhybris rendering problems.

I see the PinePhone as a chance for software projects to start fresh without those handbrake style limitations that we have to live with on SFOS (and Ubuntu Touch is in some way quite similar here!). But when it comes to qualities like reliability and usability, SFOS is still years ahead of those other projects like PostmarketOS or Mobian. Those projects still need basic software like calendar clients that are actually usable via a phone touchscreen. All they actually have is desktop software and libraries that make those barely usable on phone screens. But it’s a matter of time.


Sailfish OS on the PinePhone

i do partly agree:

sailfish is by far the most beatiful and fluid, but it lacks a lot of features on pinephone but:

yesterday i did install manjaro os on it:

  • phone works
  • nextcloud (at least contacts) works
  • calendar works, shows nextcloud entries, is usable in daily view
  • desktop telegram is already preinstalled and looks great
  • firefox is swifter then any browser on xperia 10 und usability is similar to angelfish imho

it lacks overall stability and that s why you cant use it as a daily driver. guess battery consumption is the same

however it is sad not to see a similar progress with sfos on pinephone
imho this is the device to show of…