Browser crashing a lot since update to 4.5 - playing YouTube

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 III - xqbt52 - xqbt52 - - aarch64
UI LANGUAGE: Polski (user: pl_PL, os: pl_PL.utf8)
REGRESSION: yes (since: - aarch64)


The default SFOS browser has always been less stable than Firefox on Android for me, but problems were occasional. But since update to 4.5, the crashes have been so frequent, usage is extremely frustrating. This doesn’t seem to be related to missing codecs, that were fixed in the latest pointrelease, it has been crashing both before and after.
Even after I closed most tabs, cleared cache, turned off Android compatibility layer to make sure it is not the lack of memory. I can easily crash it with more than 1.5GB of free RAM on my 10 III. Only thing I haven’t tried yet is clearing cookies, but I don’t want to relog in to all websites. But I guess I could try that.
It happens with Twitter too, but the highest reproducibility rate I have with YouTube, so let’s focus on that.


  1. Play YouTube video
  2. When the video comes to the end, there is 70% chance it will crash for me
  3. Double tap to skip, or sometimes even using the bar at the bottom causes crashes too
    If I get an ad before video, it will crash at the end of the ad, and after I launch the browser again I will get another add, causing another crash…


  • Patchmanager: yes
  • OpenRepos: yes
  • Chum: yes
  • Other: none specified


Device Owner User: defaultuser
Home Encryption: enabled

the initial version of this bug report was created using Bugger 0.10.5

I’m wondering if it’s not the same issue as this one: Browser crashes on visit to website

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I often have the problem with YouTube that the browser crashes because of the advertising

I have no ads and it still crashes between videos sometimes.

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I’ve noticed that my browser frequently crashes on my 10iii device, which wasn’t the case with the previous release. Interestingly, I’ve not experienced similar crashes on my XZ3 device (which was community ported to SFOS 4.5) when visiting the same websites.

It seems like the issue might be specific to the 10iii, unfortunately.

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I get a ton of crashes, when trying to skip forward or backwards, random crashes when just playing it, crash at the beggining, and a lot on different websites. Above I just described the time when I am getting them 100% of the time. Hope it is one issue for all of them.

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Browser crashes are much more frequent on 4.5 than ever before. I also get crashes of the Android support (as a whole) which wasn’t the case on earlier OS releases.

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