[] Video playback in browser not working

No need to debug the issue anymore, the root cause has been found. It was not related to gmp-droid or gecko-camera but instead an issue inside browser engine.


So my understanding is that this is the fix, but it does not seem to have changed the deliverables for Let’s hope that it will be released soon.


Pretty weird.
It seems like as if Jolla doesn’t think playing videos in the webbrowser on a phone is necessary in a ‘release’ build.

Since 4.5 it works badly on a lot of sites, also on Twitter i notice issues with video and/or sound missing(not on all though - maybe codec differences). On nos.nl and nu.nl videos don’t work at all.

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That’s true, video playback really sucks in 4.5 in the built-in browser. Fortunately, it still works OK in Fennec.

But I’m wondering what’s the point of those Early Access releases if fixes for bugs/issues discovered in them (and actually resolved right away) do not make their way to the public release of that OS update.


Video playback doesn’t work for me either. Some sites that used to work (e.g. BBC News) now don’t work at all and complain that the required codec is not supported in this (stock SFOS) browser. Other sites play video, but with no sound, where they used to work fine. I don’t understand why 4.5 has gone backwards in this respect?

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Would it be possible to get new browser binary for people affected by this issue, without waiting for new OS release?

The issue is known, see the post from @vlagged above.

The video playback was fixed to the OS release


Seems to work again :+1:
Well done Jolla

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Thank you Jolla for this Hotfix !!!

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On my Xperia XA2
Video playback for twitch still does not work for me in It plays like the first frames and then stops. youtube seems ok

For me, this is the way it used to work - for most sites, not all. With it broke completely, but with it went back to the way it was before - working for most sites, but not all.

Different issue , but it seems to crash very often now.

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Guys video playback might be more general problem than in the browser:

With videos also, on Gallery’s Video player, when I play videos in several formats, some times video doesn’t start play and the app crashes. Surprisingly when I restart the app and go play that video it plays like nothing happened. This is happening some times after 2 - 3 videos played up to 30 - 40, or could not happen at all.

For me problems appeared on xperia 10ii, with xperia X was okey, when (very few) videos weren’t playing I could scroll up / down on the app, push play again and then it was loading / playing. On Xperia 10ii video playback is unreliable, and I am wondering if I am one of the few people experiencing this.

Let me know if you want me to file a new bug report for that.

No, it’s not, @jovirkku. Running XA2 Plus on on which it still doesn’t work.

Video is playing a few frames, then freezes. It picks up seconds later, so the time in between seems skipped. This intermittent playing goes on until the end of the video.

I wouldn’t call that fixed!

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What device are you using? I created an issue for it, maybe you can share your setup?

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Same problem here on my XA2. YouTube video seems to play correctly most of the time. Embedded video streams on sites like LinkedIn, Twitch do not work. The sound plays correctly but the video has a frame-rate of about 1 fps.

Experienced the same on XA2 and XZ2 Comapct. Framerate of Videos is low even on 480p and are often stuttery. Something went wrong on that update

That’s a different bug. This bug was about videos not playing at all. Please open a new bug report about intermittent playing. It seems some are also experiencing dropped frames, which may or may not be because of the same underlying bug that you are experiencing. It would be great if someone could write a bug report about that one as well. I’m closing this bug now so that we can get the discussion moved to threads specific to the new bugs.

[edit] A new bug report was created: No HW acceleration in video playback

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