Apps that haven't been ported to aarch64 (Store)

The move to aarch64 left the store with a big amount of apps that haven’t been ported to the new arch. While this is not a problem for people that use open repos -many open source apps were taken over and compiled to aarch64 by other people- the situation in the store is not nice.

So has jolla tried to contact devs or take other steps to improve this situation?. And what can be done?



This is what I feel I can do, (more coming hopefully)…

I think the title should change to include abandoned apps in general. In the past there were some attempts to “foster” such apps with some success, e.g.

Most of these apps are open source ones and there are repositories in github. Also in OpenRepos there are many “forked” releases of apps. Is there any guideline how an abandoned app can be fostered, do we need some more documentation to encourage new developers?

ps saying all that, we do respect and appreciate the initial developers work for all apps.

Let the ping-fest begin.
@Venemo How about some IRC on aarch64?
That would be really nice :slight_smile:


How about some IRC on aarch64?

I don’t maintain the IRC client anymore, you will need to talk to @Thaodan for that.
In fact, I don’t even use Sailfish on my personal device anymore, and also switched to a Matrix client for my remaining IRC needs.

Also, what’s the big deal? AFAIK ARM64 devices can run old 32-bit code just fine.

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Do the noarch rpms builded by older SDK work on aarch64?

Yes, that would have been the expectation.
But this is SFOS…

If there is no architecture used inside (e.g. all python or shell) then my expectation would be: yes.

I just asked to be sure because I don’t have device with aarch64 SFOS.

If I understand things correctly, yes they should work.

No aarch64 builds situation affect Openrepos applications, too. There are several “AppNameHere (aarch64)” builds because the dev has left the scene and someone else had to just clicl the build button… Inevitable, but still makes the newestest device a lot less shiny :cry:

Can you please elaborate? I’m afraid I haven’t followed Sailfish’s aarch64 story.

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AFAIK, there are no major issues regarding native apps and aarch64. Your average app should just work after building for aarch64, if it doesn’t do anything too fancy.

Yes, sure.

Oh, I see. Looks like the problem is that they don’t support multilib.

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6cord 64bit . … 6cord

Any chance of seeing your great apps in Store for aarch64?
I could have sworn they were there, but apparently i am mistaken - or i would have poked you earlier.

bad news.

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