Contribution required. My orphaned projects


It’s been a long time ago since i updated any of my pet projects. I have no plans to update them myself in the future, so if anyone has the ability to take care of it, please DM me or

GitHub - sailfishos-patches/patchmanager (with a lot of patches)
GitHub - CODeRUS/aliendalvik-control: DBus daemon for controlling aliendalvik and sending commands
taken by Mazoon - GitHub - CODeRUS/harbour-lgremote-webos: Simple webOS TV remote control application for SailfishOS
taken by flypig - GitHub - CODeRUS/screenrecorder: Sailfish screen recorder
taken by nephros (probably not extend though) - GitHub - CODeRUS/screencast: Screencast daemon for Sailfish OS
GitHub - CODeRUS/personal-ringtones: Personal Ringtones for SailfishOS
GitHub - CODeRUS/harbour-tint-overlay
GitHub - CODeRUS/harbour-batteryoverlay2
GitHub - CODeRUS/harbour-screentapshot: Simple screenshot application with overlay button


SFOS without coderus? Nobody can fill the gap. Too bad.


I agree!!!

Thank you Coderus for all you have done for the community!


This is just about coderus dropping a few of his projects, not completely stepping away from Sailfish, right? Otherwise I would be scared about my docker containers! <3


I think patchmanager will probably find a home, but if no one picks it up, I’ll deal with it. I mean, I like hacking the qml as it is, but I’m probably ill.

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docker containers are automagically built and published to docker hub by github ci, just need to push new tag with sfos version :))

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They are awesome, thanks a lot!

Another nail to the coffin of SFOS? :frowning:

What are the reasons behind this?
I cannot imagine SFOS to be alive and usable without you (and your ‘unofficial’ contributions)!


I’m working for Aurora OS for 5 years, and searching for another hobby not related to SFOS coding. 24/7 SFOS coding is too much, exhausting and etc.


Perfectly understandable in my opinion. I also try to reduce the huge amount of time I spent behind a computerscreen.
And some point of time you have seen most challenges for creating an app and it gets more repeating. And just fixing broken apps after a SFOS update is also kind of frustrating.


For all (both?) webOS TV owners out there, updated version of harbour-lgremote-webos now available on OpenRepos.
I’ve managed to successfully start it up and connect to my LG 49UK6300PLB on armv7hl (X 10), aarch64 (X 10 II) and i486 (JT), YMMV.


Yes, it is. All extensions to coderus should have come from Jolla himself. Jolla and the users have benefited from it for a long time. If this company is intelligent, they would take over the projects from coderus, maintain them themselves and ensure this “standard” for everyone.

That is my suggestion for Finland.


+1 Wolle

…waiting for the next RoadMap from Jolla…



There’s a Roadmap? The told so often about it, but no o e ever sees it.
I remember the implementation of webdav as one of the features for Sailfish OS 3 - but they didn’t deliver it so far, and we’re on SFOS 4 now…

While complaining about Jolla and SFOS releases is a nice tradition in the community, and any thread or other conversation must have at least three posts bitching about it, I think we have achieved that now so can we get back on topic please?

I’ll step up while I’m not at all qualified technically, and try to maintain (probably not extend though) the Screencast package.


Thank you CODeRUS for all your contributions.
Regarding patchmanager, I have a question about the Web Catalog - would the web interface be also orphaned and need a new contributor, or you would still continue to add SFOS versions to it?

web service is 24/7 as always. if one want to deploy own service for future versions - welcome
as well as crawler :))

Thanks for the prompt reply! My worry was that there is no 4.1.0.x version in the web catalog ( and if someone should add it by hand or not was included in the contribution.

But this seems related - should pm2 webcatalog use sailversion crawler already?

yes and no, there are a lot of versions, and patchmanager ui will be too long very soon. i’ve no solution for this, maybe different input boxes will be okay, and then it can use versions from the same list.

@nephros was kind enough to agree we should team up to maintain patchmanager3. There is a chum version already working on sfos4 + aarch64 + not requiring full bash, we’ll try to make it official on the main repo branch and then in openrepos.
Next steps will probably be adding sailjail support (can be manually added now), cleanup of existing issues and PRs, see what else challenges us.

L.E. Also @olf will be joining as we cross-posted on github - the team grows:)