Aarch64 RPMs (share)

Works for me…

How did you install? Try with devel-su pkcon install-local and see if any errors…

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dunno, won"t work, I’m too stupid, no errors while install. Now, on a second try “local-install not supported” I’ll look into it tomorrow

try zypper se irssi and see if it shows installed

The install command is pkcon install-local

dunno what’s wrong. I’ll give details this evening after trying some stuff.

run echo $PATH and see output, then see where irssi is installed, (/usr/bin or /isr/local/bin, etc). Then you can export path, or you can try to run it from it’s location, e.g. ./usr/local/bin/irssi

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Just came across this - Index of /pub/epel/7/aarch64
Rclone 1.47 working well. Going to test more…

Not sure if you ever got it working, but I was looking through some things today and I think I may not have packaged rpm properly, (I’m not much of an rpmbuild pro). I will link you the irssi bin file if you want to give it a try… Let me know.
Also, you can build pretty easily on the phone from source - let me know if interested, I can help…
I’ll take the rpm down for now.

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Hi Levone1, no, I did not get it working. I’d appreciate any help as I really rely on Irssi with fish. I never got it to build on the device, I have all needed build things installed but do not know what to do without a .spec file. Also the usual .make from Linux does not work. Your rpm does not work eighter.
I already have bribed the maker of IRC (communi) for 64bit SFOS including fish 100€, he was not interested at all :smiley:

You may run rpm -ql Irssi to list all files installed by the Irssi package. You should look for executables in directories like /usr/bin, or look for a file named irssi.

Once you located one file that looks like an executable, you can type ls -l /usr/bin/irssi to check that it has the executable bit set, or not. You can also check what kind of file it is with file /usr/bin/irssi. It will tell you, if it’s a shell script, an executable… In particular, it will tell you if it has been compiled for the right architecture for instance, in case of a binary executable file.

Here’s the source I used for irssi - https://github.com/irssi/irssi/releases/download/1.2.3/irssi-1.2.3.tar.xz and here for fish - GitHub - falsovsky/FiSH-irssi: FiSH is an encryption add-on module for irssi. .

Building and installing is very straightforward, (not with rpmbuild - just traditional configure/make). just download the sources, unpack, cd to root directory, and start with ./configure. You will probably only find that you will have to install some dependencies. Everything needed is available device through zypper, (glib, qt5core, etc). Tje build and install takes about 2 minutes for irssi, and about 10 seconds for fish… Let me know if any issues

dunno, never have problems on Win or Fedora, but on SFOS nothing seems to work,
f.ex. configure; no GLIB found and not found anywere with zypper install allthough gcc and everything is installed
./make does not work

stupid question: I telnet to the device and log in with defaultuser and then do everything with devel-su? i cannot log in with root (auth denied). using WinSCP is almost impossible due to all the auth stuff.

/me is just too stupid for the sfos terminal
is there any total noob and NOT outdated step by step buildondevice manual for sfos?

Since the last update there is a new terminal (busybox sh) in in SFOS and this doesn’t support some commands like the old terminal (bash) did.

There is a way to install the old shell again:
“Did you already remove busybox-symlink-bash package? (which will automatically install full blown bash again)” (Thanks @peterleinchen )

…I don’t know, but I can tell you what I did as I destroyed my system last time by some silly experiments…

I made a full reset with /settings/system/reset device . This set the device back to SFOS 3.3 , but it worked again flawlessly. Then I had to update in 3 steps:
first to 3.4
second to 4.0
third to 4.1 .

After this procedure all damages of the system gone. It worked again as new and better than ever before.

zypper se glib brings up about 50 packages… The one you need is glib2-devel

I did everything on the phone with built-in terminal as defaultuser - no special tricks. Only issue was going through ‘such and such a package not found’ errors, and installing through zypper.
Start with extraction extracting source and cd to source directory and try “./configure”, and see what pops up… (or you can do “mkdir objdir” “cd objdir” “…/configure” if you want - some programs don’t like you building in the root)

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here’s the built files for irssi. just unzip and copy. …
(edit - see a few posts down)

thx a lot for the glib2-devel tip
(Seems I had just problems with telnet always disconnecting ´cause of a broken cable and my kid jumping around on the bed :smiley: ). I´ll try with my bt keyboard, thx a lot for now :+1:

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Here’s fish lib file. Copy to /usr/local/lib64/irssi/modules…

Let me know if you need help with loading or startup, etc.

If anyone knows how to write a good spec file and package the Irssi/Fish files into an rpm, please do…

Sorry - I just realized that i accidentally respinded to the wrong person above … I posted a link to the built libs and binary for Irssi, gzipped in the directory structure to be copied to /usr/local. You can copy/paste and have it installed… (not sure if you saw)

thx, but it’s just two .png icons inside.