[Wiki] Situations app issues

Following up on the information shared here (please read), this post is a Wiki intended to collect shortcomings and issues with the current release of the popular Situations application.

Please keep the contents of this to bugs, issues, and regressions, and not feature requests or questions.


  • likely due to sandboxing, the app can not find its configuration (as it’s in the old path) and starts up empty/default config. Disabling Sandboxing in the .desktop file fixes this.

Running the app

  • sonar installation sometimes not detected properly (Installation of Sonar is requested each time, although it is installed/running) Reported here
  • in some cases starting the app/UI takes a very long time. This is with Sandboxing disabled. My configuration includes quite some GSM cells and wifi networks to check, and it seems related to that. long startup times are more frequent when “at home”, i.e. wifi on, Mobile Network 2G only and off. When “not at home” with Mobile Network on long startup time seems to happen more rarely.

In-app functionality