Situations-Sonar can not intalled on Xperia 10 ii

I noticed that unfortunately the app situations not abel on a Xperia 10 ii aarch64 to switch off the mobile data at night and WLAN can no longer be controlled either. Every time I want to open the app situations reinstall the situation sonar daemon. But when I check the page “about” after it is not installed.

My question how can I install the deamon separately?
Anyone else have this problem?

Oh yeah, I have the similar question too:
IIRC, the ability to install sonar was proposed on first Situations launch.
I restored my /home partially on a new reslashed SFOS and then reinstalled Situation.
I believe Situations thought it was already installed and didn’t propose to install Sonar.

I export the settings, delete the .local files and reinstall situations. But every time if I open situations I get a task to istall sonar. If I make this I get a positiv notification but in the page about I can see, that situatins this deamon not can see. I think it is a problem with sailjail.

Try through devel-su zypper

ould you exlplain more details please?

zypper sonar

not work

It would be (as root)

zypper search sonar


zypper install [the package name you found with prev. command]

But sonar is not found that way.
Now I remember, sonar can also be installed separately.
Infos here:

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Delete situations-sonar. Download from: Releases · pastillilabs/sonar · GitHub. And install:

devel-su zypper in /home/defaultuser/Downloads/situations-sonar-0.0.9-9.aarch64.rpm

pherjung thanks for noticing!

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I try this but got only erros :frowning:

File is on the wrong path, because command has been executed as root (where’s main path is /root). So once you’re logged as root with devel-su, you should execute following command :

zypper in /home/defaultuser/Downloads/situations-sonar-0.0.9-9.aarch64.rpm

Thanks verry much for your help. This works but I have to uninstall sonar before. how can I make this?

I fond the way without uinstall harbour-situations. Only uinstall sonar and intsall sonar with zypper (root).

devel -su
pkcon remove situations-sonar
zypper in /home/defaultuser/Downloads/situations-sonar-0.0.9-9.aarch64.rpm

vola situation can use sonar - Thank you very much!!!

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