Situations App on 4.4

Does this no longer work properly because of sandboxing?

I had it setup so that overnight it turned off wifi and mobile data (to save battery), dimmed the screen and enabled silent mode.

The Situations app loads and appears to select the right situation according to the time of day (I get a notification of this), but none of the above actions ever happen, so it doesn’t actually now do anything useful.


Yes it is a sandboxing problem.
I launch SItuation app from ther terminal and it works then.

Also auto start situations from openrepos works flawlessly for me, nothing changed with the update. I really recommend it!

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Hi there i got problem with ambiences after clicking on the button no ambiences are to choose :frowning:

So i think it is the problem of sandboxing, also switching WIFI OFF / ON not working.
The application says that sonar is not installed. But it is. :frowning: :thinking:

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Just launch situations app from the terminal.

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yes that does the trick but sonar dont wont regocgnize from the app


I had a little Email conversation with the developer, and wanted to share some of the information about this here:

Following up on the email, I asked how the community could help:

In order to collect such information, I have created this wiki post: