VPN credentials lost when switching networks

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100 %
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HARDWARE: Xperia 10 dual SIM
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No


Entered VPN credentials are lost when the network is restarted, off for a long time, or switched from one type to another (such as wi-fi to mobile).


A connection to the Internet and a quota for mobile data.


  1. Turn the wi-fi on;
  2. Enter valid credentials for a VPN to turn it on;
  3. Turn the wi-fi off;
  4. Turn the mobile data on.


VPN reconnects and its credentials persist.


VPN doesn’t reconnect and its credentials are lost.


The situation with VPN credentials is getting beyond ridiculous. You’ve had this reported more than half a year ago 5 times in the forums (VPN login credentials are (also not) saved using PIA VPN, VPN credentials gone on restart 3.4 on XA2, [] VPN losing credentials, VPN randomly loses login credentials, Switching off mobile network and restart it, forget about all the credentials that were saved in the vpn) and you do nothing but make empty promises and deliver partial fixes. I don’t care if you consider this a duplicate or not, just fix it. I can’t describe how far beyond me it is that you can’t save two pieces of text in a file, encrypted or not, and read it from there. Even if there are some system keychains and the like, they can’t be that unreliable - you are. Just get this over with.
Now, in case this simple feature which works on any other OS really is beyond your capabilities, at least cease and desist using a pop-up for entering the credentials. It disappears immediately upon switching to another application to copy the forgotten credentials from. This way not only you don’t fix it, you also prevent us from doing so.

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There is a possible workaround for this situation, I have done the following:

Write the credentials into a text file, named somename.txt.
Copy or move this file to some system folder, that can not be accessed by error while normal use of the telephone.
In the settings of VPN you can set 'import credentials from file…" and give a location where this file is.
Enter the location where you copied the file with the credentials.

After this, the VPN fetches the credentials from this file and you don’t have to input them manually.
Since I did so, I never again had to re-enter my VPN credentials (since many months)

The text file should contain absolutely nothing except the credentials!

1st line: username[Enter]
2nd line: password
Nothing else should be in the file. This works. The only disadvantage is that your credentials are in an unencrypted file somewhere in the system.


I appreciate you trying to help, @Seven.of.nine. I’m sure your approach works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t relieve Jolla of its responsibility because you said it yourself - insecure. I personally preferred to work around it by adding the credentials to a password manager and when the VPN breaks, copy them to a text file (to form a single line since the pop-up closes immediately, as I said) and re-enter them. However, I cannot tell how far my patience with this would go, so I might as well end up using your approach. Thank you.

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