VPN login credentials are (also not) saved using PIA VPN

I saw some posts about users using VPN and then losing the login credentials. I have Private Internet Access (PIA) and started using the “openvpn-strong-tcp-nextgen” files from the PIA website. The servers in these files are using aes-256-cbc. The Sailfish OS VPN setup is easy. I discovered that my credentials are saved, too. I don’t have to retype my user ID and password. Out of curiosity, I went to Settings, Utilities, Restart network and the credentials were still saved. Maybe this can help someone out that is trying VPN. My desktop Linux system has a PIA app, too. I have never had problems with the service. So far, no problems with OpenVPN and PIA on Sailfish OS.


Update: I shut my phone down for awhile then turned it back on. The login credentials were lost. Sorry if this caused trouble for someone. Otherwise, the VPN works great.

There will be a generic fix for preserving the VPN credentials over reboots in the next OS update.
And many other VPN improvements.


That sounds great. Thanks for the information.

This is great news - when is the next update due? It will be 2 months running with this bug = why there are no security updates in between large updates?