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unforunately, no xperia nor jolla phone appears in those lists…

Earlier I mentioned Vodafone NL was working on X10II. However, since it is inconvenient to use. SMS text messages won’t be sent. I am certain it worked before. On it is not working either.

Xperia 1 IV (XWCT-754)
Xperia 10 IV (XQCC-54)

are report to work … not other…
So can we help made VoLTE working on Xperia 10 III (and other) on Sailfish for freemobile?

looks like it depnd of the modem firmware, for xperia its mbn files… but only for latest models, instead of what the norm asks : all LTE compatible models. And nobody complains (means not only on iternet…)

Provider: POSTEMOBILE in Italy. VOLTE registration not works.
Note: modem-config not found with this Provider

Provider: TIM in Italy: it shows up in S132.1. VOLTE registration not working yet.
Modem-config found under S132.1

X10iii’s - Android and SFOS do not work with VoLTE on any of the 3 carriers in NZ. (Several other people have tried with the 3 carriers, as well as me.)
My conclusion is that the phones probably don’t attempt to provision VoLTE in NZ
Using the app NetMon VoLTE shows VoLTE->Registration: disabled

Below is the carriers reply to me, to summarise it:

“…I have been advised that for VoLTE and VoWiFi to work on any carrier the device need to have the supported carrier settings … Yes, sometimes it is possible for the devices which are not in list but has generic VoLTE settings compatible to 2degrees network , to generate calls over 4G network.”

My question is now: How to either make the phone request provisioning (if it doesn’t)
or What information do I need to get from the carrier, and how to add it?
or Why does the SFOS version at least not have some generic volte setting?

I have two of the Sony X10III. One is an EU model running factory Android 12, the other an HK on running SFOS.

Using *#*#4636#*#* (on Android) tells me that:
Preferred Network Type: NR/LTE/GSM/WCDMA
VoLTE Provisioned NO
Video Calling Provisioned NO
VoLTE Provisioned NO
Wifi Calling Provisioned NO

At the bottom of the screen are buttons labelled
These are grey and appear to do nothing.

So the question is how to “trigger carrier provisioning” or perhaps manually

enter the required data, either into the factory Android version or into an

AOSP version? (I have two of these phones)
The other was an HK import. When running factory Android 11, it reported
exactly the same using *#*#4636#*#*

Here is what the carrier said:

In regards to VOLTE and VOWiFi , I have discussed your query with one of our Senior Technical Specialist and Device innovation Manager. I have been advised that for VoLTE and VoWiFi to work on any carrier the device need to have the supported carrier settings and ideally be tested and approved by that carrier. We cannot guarantee the service on any handsets we have not tested. As Sony is currently not in contract with us to support these settings in their handsets on 2degrees network, we can not do much in this .

Unfortunately, 2degrees do not blacklist or whitelist phones from working on our network as long as the phone supports our network configuration. This is not unique to us at all as every network is different and the services behind VoLTE and VOWiFi can be quite specific (particularly VoWiFi). You can raise your concerns to Sony in this case as Sony pulled out of the NZ market several years ago .

In regards to the Blackview BV9900, Android 10 , Yes, sometimes it is possible for the devices which are not in list but has generic VoLTE settings compatible to 2degrees network , to generate calls over 4G network. For VOWIFI , the process is quite different.

(@AlanBreen suggested activating the card in a working mobile phone for some carrier , though my carrier did not suggest this. )

(n.b We still have 3G, and the first carrier phase out has now been announced. However rural 4G coverage was funded by the government, and it appears that these sites don’t have 3G - so you have data, but no telephone or SMS function)

Is there some way to find out the generic VoLTE settings that Blackview BV9900 has? Or for that matter any phone that works on VoLTE. Where do you find these settings?

The the next question is how does one enable them on another phone?

A1, Belarus. Cellular operator supports 4G calls, but unfortunately ma phone unable to register 4G calling in a network.

Xperia 10 II, Sailfish OS (Latest as per today)


@hackman238 how do you managed to have such screenshot? I do not have such interface in my

For my provider I changed the default config from non-ims (mcfg_sw/generic/common/default/non_ims/a/mcfg_sw.mbn) to vl (mcfg_sw/generic/common/default/vl/global/mcfg_sw.mbn) and VoLTE started working.

One thing that has started to happen very often since then is that when I press a number from a contact card it will start dialing but never show me the call interface and the only way to hang up is from the cover (and no way to switch between speaker/bluetooth/phone, enter numbers, mute, record etc).

(xperia 10ii dual sim)

Yep, I also see this bug often, but not always.

I’m on Xperia 10 III, Sailfish OS and TIM (italian provider). It seems to work. I tested call, SMS and mobile data during a call.
The only strange thing that doesn’t work, compared to when VoLTE is disabled, is that if I send an SMS to myself it is neither sent nor received (I wish I could use this “trick” to check if VoLTE was working or not).


Haven’t tested it yet. But by the looks of it, it is at least supported.

Country: Germany
Vendor: Simplytel
Network: Drillisch (subsidery of o2)

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Sorry to bother, but how did you deal with the account registration issue via Google Play?

I read in the other volte thread for google fi in the US that some people had to use wrappers to the desktop version of the account page, but that might have stopped working?

I’ll try when my new fi sim shows up, just curious if i’m in the right area.

Hi there,

is there a way to configure the APN settings more in detail under Sailfish (eg. APN Type)?

Added from Spain, Movistar and Digi Mobil (which uses Movistar antennas). Worked with Movistar but not with Digi Mobil


WINDTRE (Italy) is not supported on 10 III, correct? :frowning:

Has anyone found a configuration for VoLTE with Edpnet (Belgium)? Apparently they use Orange Belgium’s network, but I can’t seem to find a configuration file for it, and the one for Orange France doesn’t work. The generic vl configuration doesn’t work, either.

getprop persist.vendor.somc.cust.modem0

says S6.10.

(Using Xperia 10 II)

If VoLTE works for a network on an Xperia 10 II, is it possible to get it to work on an Xperia 10 III? It’s not working out of the box, if I activate it in settings, it just blinks forever and doesn’t activate. The list in this thread says that it works on the Xperia 10 II…

I am afraid that is the case. See this table: Xperia 10 III no mobile data! - #2 by emva