Xperia 10 III no mobile data!

I got an used 10 III and flashed latest I am in Italy and using WINDTRE.
Both on SIM1 and SIM2 no mobile data. It says limited connection under same APN setting (internet.wind or
no way to use mobile data…
I won’t buying SFOS license if the situation is that… have you any ideas?

Seems you are a bit out of luck with that one. In the thread VoLTE provider support

The provider is listed as not working, same with all the others.

An Italian user may be able to tell you more.I think @jameson is Italian?


Maybe switching mobile data to IPv4 might help.

I don’t know how it is currently for other brands, but when VoLTE was new shit 8 years ago and we traveled to Italy, we had to explicitly disable VoLTE because it wasn’t working (on iPhones). They at least had something done differently than other countries. Jolla may never be able to fix this if no Italian residents investigate the issue.

Yes, I provided entries for Vodafone and WindTRE. However, I found out later that 4G does not work at all with both of them, therefore this could be the main reason for VoLTE not working. The only Italian provider working with 10 III for sure is Iliad. I do not know about Tim.

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Old issue. Xperia 10 III will not work either with Vodafone Italy or with WindTRE. The only way out is to switch operator.

what? cosa? What I can do to help Jolla fix this?

But wait a moment, what VolTE has to do with mobile data? I don’t care for HD calls over data, I just want to be able to browser with data…
What about the new CLAT updates testing or ConnMan??

The only way out is switching to Iliad.
See here: Unable to use mobile data on Sony Xperia 10 III

Ah, sorry. Last time I was in Italy (2021) I still had my XA2 with Vodafone Germany.

Unbelievable… You can use everything except for mobile data, because calls and sms works

Dimmelo a me, sapessi le madonne.

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dobbiamo stressare Jolla finchè non fixa sta roba!! Io comincio sia su Zendesk, che sul community meetup, finchè non fixano io scriverò!

It’s so sad that mobile data with WINDTRE doesn’t work, 10 mark III is sooo faster then my 10, it feels really like an upgrade, vibration haptics is way better, but camera feels so slow at focusing and mobile data doesn’t work… And switching provider… well I’ve a deal with WINDTRE, that spend less at home because I’ve the cellular too, so would be unreasonable to switch provider just to have mobile data on SFOS… Jolla, now that you’re safe economically, please fix this :wink:

There is no information about Iliad with Xperia 10 III in this table: VoLTE provider support

Would you please add it?

You are right. I added the relevant line, which was easy since Iliad explicitly does not currently support VoLTE on any device.

This came as a surprise to me. In your post Xperia 10 III no mobile data! - #5 by jameson you wrote: " The only Italian provider working with 10 III for sure is Iliad".

I must have misunderstood something. :slight_smile:

Data work. VoLTE, though, is not supported by the provider (yet).


I’ve got a SOLUTION!
My logic was this: if Iliad is the only one in Italy that works out of the box, what is the reason? Of course you know why, it’s the only italian provider that still doesn’t have VoLte enabled, so on our SFOS devices it just doesn’t get registered or whatever, so data works.
So, I’ve done this: firstly I checked on my account area of WINDTRE and saw VOLTE service enabled since 2022 when I used an iPhone 7. WINDTRE has a list of supported devices, none SONY devices there.
So, I’ve called them and asked to disable VOLTE on my line… waited some minutes then ok. all done.
So, next… just wait!
When your line gets VOLTE no more as a feature, you know, you’ll have your data working on Xperia 10 III on SFOS!!
Currently enjoying on with both 3g and 4g! Edit: seems to work better on 3G.
So the SOLUTION to this, is call your provider, Vodafone (need to check), WINDTRE (they can do this), TIM or PosteMobile etc and ask them to DISABLE volte. You’ll have it!

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I guess this is just a side effect. Maybe you got an IPv4 address after disabling VoLTE? Maybe this is due to phone whitelisting used by Italian providers? Non-Italian providers work with VoLTE enabled, and even VoLTE calls work.
One more thing to note is that VoLTE and data work with Android on Xperia 10 III with all providers supporting VoLTE.

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