VoLTE provider support

I think weak connection and legacy speed bands cause this…?

No. And there is no such thing as “legacy speed bands”.

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I thought 3G had specific bands associated with it?

Only sorta-kinda, most (probably effectively all) has a designation in 4G.
But most importantly, we had just all but ruled out older technologies having anything to do with the issue - so if you meant 3G, throwing that into the mix is not exactly helping. I at least assume you read a handful posts up before you posted?


Read a few comments, but was honestly not doing too well a few days ago in my health…

Minor update: T-Mobile appears to be working after I went and bought a new phone from T-Mobile, as in I haven’t had disconnects even running around town for the last couple of days. I’m wondering if there was some sort of account restriction going on with my “official” phone just being a flip phone, though that sounds a little silly.

ETA: it’s been about a week now, still holding.

edit 2022-01-22:
I briefly put my sim into the Nokia I ordered from T-Mobile today to see if they would unlock it so that I could give it to my roommate, now a little bit later I’m getting Denied again. Kind of wondering if they have some sort of “permissive” mode or something while you’re registered as having a phone pending activation.

If I recall, last year, I had to go back to T-Mobile and replace the SIM card, to get rid of the “denied” from T-Mobile Network on Sony Xperia 10 II.

I got weary, since more than once I had done so going back to the T-Mobile store, and inserting the ‘denied’ SIM card into Sony Xperia 10 III, would also cause the Xperia 10 III to be in ‘denied’ situation; I just stopped using the Xperia 10 II, nor testing it with the SIM cards I do have. I settled with having one SIM card never interchanged in my Sony Xperia 10 III.

However, perhaps a similar situation to the SIM card replacement; I do have an unlocked Android that is purchased from T-Mobile, a Nokia. When I inserted a Red Pocket SIM card (T-Mobile reseller SIM), last night into the Nokia, the phone won’t connect to T-Mobile.

Knowing the history of this SIM card, that is, I had tested it months ago with Volla 22 phone (which I was never able to have it connect), and with Xperia 10 II, did somehow ‘pollute’ for a lack of better term, the SIM card. So I contacted Red Pocket to “reset” the SIM card from their end, and that enabled the Nokia to connect to the T-Mobile network with the same ‘polluted’ SIM card.

This is not the first time within a year or so that I contact Red Pocket to “reset”, whatever that does or mean at the network provider & support person end. Yet I found it helpful in ‘unlocking’ or ‘un-deniying’ the SIM card in general.

The only tolerant phone, that is less sensitive to the SIM card being ‘locked’ is the PinePhone Pro that I do have with Red Pocket. A previous test with Red Pocket support, using the same SIM card that I have now in my Nokia, with the PinePhone Pro proved the SIM card was working. Not true, not ‘fully’ working, since Nokia didn’t connect with the same SIM card.

May be T-Mobile can “reset” your SIM card “afresh”, and that will help with your Sony Xperia 10 II?

That begets the question, shouldn’t Jolla also include Sony Xperia 1 or Sony Xperia Pro, models IV and above, at least for certain (US) Sailfish OS consumers, since such models do have more of bandwidth/frequency selections?

This way, besides being more dependable in connecting to US networks, I do imagine “denied” network won’t be much of a possibility.

I use SailfishOS for daily driver; there is no going back to Android ; )


Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question.
How much of a software change would be needed to be able to activate the beta testing of VoLTE on the 10 plus as opposed to the 10 ii/iii ?

That’d certainly be appreciated; I believe SFOS has now gone through all of the hoops it needs to be sold in the US hasn’t it?

my understanding is that it’s a rather significant job to enable VoLTE on new hardware platforms, which is why it’s not available on even otherwise current Xperia devices.

I do confirm - Xperia 10ii DOES work with Yettel in Bulgaria by the method bundyo showed out.

P.S. Евала, братле!

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I just switched to Telia FI, and I couldn’t get VoLTE register even with my X10IV. It turned out that my SIM didn’t have VoLTE enabled although it was supposed to work OOTB, and the self-service app/pages doesn’t contain the switch to enable it either. So after a quick online chat with the customer service, I now have a working VoLTE. A good reminder to double-check the basics :slight_smile:

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Switched to Vimla! (Sweden) on Telenor network and I have VoLTE registered on my Xperia 10 II.
Still no working mms, but that where the same with my previous provider Hallon (Tre network) as well.
My current setting as bellow:

it seems they either lied to you or something changed, cause on their website 10 II is officially supported:

It seems like it’s not working for me (Xperia 10 III, Serbia, Provider - MTS, Sailfish 4.5).
I think I did everything correctly as described on this page - Beta VoLTE on the Xperia 10 III, disabled by default

Xperia 10 III,, VoLTE registered, O2 DE.
With VoLTE I cannot sent out a SMS.

On T-Mobile PL (Poland) VoLTE registration is instantenous, but so what if it drops to 2G every now and then, giving voice quality of mid 1990s. It used to drop to 3G but now that T-Mobile turned off 3G network completely in my area, I end up with GSM connection most of the time (it’s not even 2G because during the call it doesn’t connect to the Internet, hence not even “2G” symbol but only signal level on the SIM card icon. Even if I start a voice call on 4G / VoLTE, most of the time after a short while, like 10 secs or so, it drops to GSM network and voice quality that sometimes makes it a challenge to understand what I am being told.

I don’t know if it is a SFOS / X10 III or network problem, but it makes the 10 III hardly usable for voice calls, at least on this network.


it’s very strange as I mentionned here and here on various forums, plus here :
where it looks like nothing at all in VOLTE is a norm/standard, where each ISP Provider in the world have to handly provide his settings to each manufacturer to transmit them in each phone for each software version.
it’s handly made as artisan things by “engineers” (who looks like to be) and makes me upset a lot, in a way where a comment at this :

says that VOLTE should be a mandatory duty of all phone manufacturers , for all LTE devices, to support each volte config of all operators around the world.
WRONG : they will never do it, MOAR sells like some people say.

in addition, free mobile get some three or four years of late, and now apple doesnt want to bring FM isp on iphone 5/6/SE2016, whom are supposed to work.

why they never made an automatic system for each provider, each manufacturer, each phone system software, to make it detecteed and automatic?

the volte norm/standard have for a “norm” only the name, it’s a disaster, in my opinion.

if others FR/EU people can have volte wworking well on their lineage/sailfish/other os working, it’s really a chance.

here in france freemobile said “samsung and sony replied that because of our few years late, they will never update their volte isp list, not for past devices, not for today devices, not for their tomorrow devices sold.” (1)

for me, it’s just going beyond boycott… if you have others idea, such as volte injection through adb or other hack…

thank you for reading

I edit, few hours later :
I tried to add several twitter links, six or seven, and because if two links maximum on those sort of forums, I had to reply three times, BUT the system killed me a a potential spammer.
that’s why Im hidden, hope its not for everybody :o



just to know, does lately volte ISP could work with jolla?
Im wondering : how Fre Mobile is on the list, here in first post?
where sony denied/refused to update that ISP (from france the fourth one) to android phones (I dont know if it’s the case for newers), cause lineageos, whom looks likes to take it directly from there, doesnt have it included :

we have four providers. One is missing.

thank you for comments/suggesetions/observations =)

See https://assistance-1.free.fr/mobile/terminaux/

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