VoLTE provider support

Hi, please read this: Internet Connections over Mobile Data and WiFi | Sailfish OS Documentation

Which app did you use to get those networking metadata?

It seems to be NetMon VoLTE Checker.

Device: Xperia X10 iii
Software version:
Network: Fizz (Videotron spinoff) (Canada)

Does not register, the 4G calling registration dot keeps flashing in the settings.
SIM is for sure VoLTE compatible, as tested in PinePhone.

getprop result is S478.1

No such folder exists under /vendor/oem/modem_config/

NetMon says under “VoLTE”:

  • Registered: X
  • Registration: Auto
  • SMS Capable: X
  • Voice Capable: X

Under "Modem:

  • Powered: ✓
  • Online: ✓
  • Emergency: X
  • Lockdown: X
  • VoLTE support: ✓

Device: Xperia X10 III
Software version:
Network: HoT (Uses the Magenta network) (Austria)

Registering for VoLTE fails, the option in the settings keeps flashing.
SIM should be VoLTE compatible (at least that’s what the provider says)

Value of getprop persist.vendor.somc.cust.modem0 is S139.1, for which no folder exists under
/vendor/oem/modem_config/ (it has 132, 136, 137 and 140 but sadly no 139 :cry:)

The table at the beginning of this thread lists the Magenta network as working but the entry is for the Xperia 10 II and I’m not sure if you can apply tricks that work on the 10 II also to the 10 III?

I also used NetMon, which for “VoLTE” says:

Registered: X
Registration: Auto
SMS Capable: X
Voice Capable: X

…and for “Modem”:

Powered: ✓
Online: ✓
Emergency: X
Lockdown: X
VoLTE support: ✓

I’d gone about a year without having to refresh a SIM in my Pinephone to get it to work again in my Xperia 10 II, but I’ve had to do it again. :frowning: I’d been swapping SIMs and messing around with the latest SFOS for Pinephone (much better that last time I tried) and wound up getting my T-Mobile SIM denied in my 10 II. I left the T-Mobile SIM in the Pinephone for a while – 12 hours+ – and swapped it back to the 10 II when the US Mobile SIM in the 10 II device got denied. US Mobile SIM swapped back into Pinephone. 15 minutes in, everything’s working. We’ll see. Don’t want this to be the end of the SFOS experience in the US, the Pinephone port isn’t quite ready yet . . .

US Mobile blocked both of my pine phones a while back citing that they use a modem that’s indistinguishable from other devices commonly used to abuse mobile data. I don’t see them reversing that. Essentially a few ruined it for the many by circumventing data access point rules.


That sounds to me like a cheap explanation. Mobile providers can easily limit a subscribers data limit.

The US has always been backwards with that kind of stuff. I haven’t heard operators complain about hotspots or tethering over here for pretty much 10 years. If you pay for the data, it’s your to do with as you please.

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US Mobile sells a bunch of inexpensive “all-you-can-eat” plans, and like the Country Kitchen Buffet, they’ve probably got some fine print on the menu that it’s all-you-can-eat (by yourself, inside the restaurant).

But . . . having mentioned that, banning a phone just because it shares a modem with some USB hotspot devices is kinda pointless on the company’s part, especially since someone really doing something tricky with an eg-25 is gonna do stuff that can be done with that device to make it appear to be something harmless like an iPhone 7 . . .

And it’s just extra, eextra weird that US Mobile bans hackman’s Pinephones when it’s my Sony that gets my SIM the hammer and my Pinephone that resurrects it.

BTW, can’t wait for just a few more rough edges on the SFOS pinephone port to get smoothed out, assuming I don’t get banned, because it would be sweet to have better frequency band support in North American markets on a device running my favorite mobile OS.

I agree, it’s very frustrating. I have no idea why my pinephones get banned while others don’t. Or why none of my Sonys have become banned but others frequently report they do. It would be great to learn what differences trigger the issue but I’ve yet to determine anything that’s proven to always be true. There always seems to be exceptions or edge cases. Super frustrating.

Well, nuts. X10II is getting denied oretty quickly on T-Mobile and US Mobile in USA now. Even leaving sim in pinephone a while gives me less than a day back in the Sony before lights out. That nearly enitre glorious year was good while it lasted, but now as soon as phone loses net connection even for a moment, it’s denied-ville. :frowning: Anyone else seeing this recently?

How nice would an official X5 or X1 SFOS version be . . .

Is it possible to try a freshly provsioned sim? The 10iii shouldn’t normally be denied.

I tried two different sims but not a fresh one. I’ll give that a try once back home in a few days.

Roger that. If you want, I can check to see if your imei has any flags on the gsm-t network. Pm it to me if you’d lile me to check.

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on my side, i have “fixed” by dangerously root/manipulate the ESP parittion of my xz2 to obtain volte, with my provider (in late on volte/vowifi), but now, it works (on lineage)

for my others devices, i prefer postmarket than sailfish, for the moment, testing, for various personal reasons.

that was my feedback, thanks for anwser :slight_smile:

here is about my volte on xz2, now working with free mobile :

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This is all a very big mess. This thread is close to impossible to digest by anyone.

We see a table that is plain wrong and several replies say so. We see “please test” without instructions. We see debug output and screenshots without telling people where that stuff is coming from or how it was generated. i.e. the “NetMon VoLTE” (from storeman), or the ofonod from journal.

Then we get suggestions to try some weird configs without explanation or a list of possible values for that modem.conf. I am currently in Australia and i am not sure i should use “euro/de” or “fin”, but i also can not seem to find what to possibly try for Australia.

S38.1 Telstra Xperia 10 II … just blinking and really bad call quality

The entry in the table above is wrong, as also pointed out by another user have a 10 III.

Plus when you enter the country you receive text that non-VoLTE will be deprecated soon.

If you want people to help give them proper instructions on how to test and debug. If you tell them to create funny files, tell them which values to try for their provider. And give background what could be possible reasons for things not working. All the info is in here, but it is not readable.

All i read here is that it very much does not work for many people, beside it still being called “beta”. And what i also fear is that i will soon loose the ability to use my phone as such, especially when roaming. If it is all so shaky and depending on so many factors.

I do not call about the highest call quality but i very much care about being able to call and send good old texts. This all seems at stake with sailfish obviously not staying up to speed with (not so) recent developement.

Back to the issue at hand, VoLTE not working on Telstra AU. Let me know what you need me to try and provide to get this fixed, and also why and how to actually get to the information.


ctrl+f being shamelessly taken by this forum makes actually any thread super hard to read, IMHO

makes me ctrl+w and forget about my will to contribute

Then clean it up and fix the errors instead if adding another wall of text.


@hennsch, three quick points: First, unfortunately this is quite complex data to marshal. @WT.Sane is correct that in theory everyone has right access to fix it, but in practice the challenge is to know how. If you have suggestions for a better way to structure the data, then please share and we can all pitch in. Second, I think it’s worth emphasising that roaming brings in a bunch of new complexities that this table isn’t set up to capture. Finally for search, I agree it can be frustrating that the forum steals Ctrl-F, but the solution is to press Ctrl-F twice to get your browser’s search (make sure you’ve scrolled through all the messages first so that they’re loaded in before you use this though). I wish you well and hope you have success on your travels.