The VollaPhone 22 looks interesting

The VollaPhone 22 has given me the impression that we may see an official version of SFOS on it eventually.

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What makes you say/think that?

The advertising on their site, lists SailfishOS as an option, and in promotional material…

It might just be wishful thinking, I’ve wanted devices I could multiboot lol

See The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread - #9 by piggz

Its my understanding that Volla intend to ship support for sailfish in their multi-boot loader using my packages. it wont by Sailfish-X, with jolla support, but a community port.


You might also look at this thread.

In short, the rephone looks like another GS5 rebranding, but with more RAM (6vs4gb) and a better camera. The rephone is actually more affordably priced.

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Is it capable of multiboot?

I don’t know, but think that is likely given that it’s similar to the original Volla and GS290. @piggz ? @pawel.spoon had multiboot running (I think?)

not out of the box, some guys did it and i tried it a few times.
it was working for few days then sfos stalled and phone would noit boot again.
at that time the guys from AMB project said: it might be sfos that corrupts something

now the multiboot option seems to be built in
but how stable it will work …

that is the current link:

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