Rephone made in Germany

Global Foundries has production in Germany. Infineon has production in Germany. There are certainly more. Their chips are in LOTS of products we buy and use. The mobile phone represents a small part of the industrial use of semi-conductors. Most of the CMOS in my basement was made in the Netherlands or Texas :slight_smile: But that’s ‘old’ stock. I’m not sure what you mean by daily use? The chips in my washing machine (the insides are Zanussi) were produced in Italy. About fifteen years ago. Nice machine. To backup a stage, there are espresso machines made in China which use pumps, made in Italy. Kid you not.

I could go on an on. If you’d like, I can find you all manner of chips made in Europe that you’ll find in products all around you.


A chip is not a CPU and to go back to the topic a product can not be “made in Germany” if there are some components not made in Germany. It should read “partially made in Germany” or as it actually correctly said - assembled in Germany. Of course even partially made in is better than nothing.


But a CPU is generally a chip these days. I’d say your nitpicking, but ok, not all the components are made in Germany. The Lithium is not mined in Germany, the glass may come from South Korea. That’s a radical demand.

This article says that only the backcover and the packaging is made in germany. Everything else is made in Asia.

Strictly speaking Gigaset does not make the GS devices but assembles them.
Yet it has some advantages if it is assembled in Europe: repairability can be made easier. What is needed is a company that can give guarantees for a certain period. Fairphone does that, Sony still is in the every-year-a-new-model-modus. With Fairphone you can buy spare parts, so it is on route to modular.
Rephone has a plastic back made from recycled plastic. This is an EU-project. Unfortunately only a small amount of plastics can be recycled, the rest is burned or becomes landfill. It seems that this recycling project must hide that governments are unable or unwilling to reduce production of plastics. So this backside of the Rephone is only a very tiny step forwards. Indeed, the best is that software companies make it possible that we use devices longer.

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The article seems fair, yet it doesn’t mention that the Rephone has 6 RAM and the GS5 only 4 .
With production or assembling nearby it is perhaps easier to customise a device? That’s how e/foundation, Volla and Rephone could make use of Gigaset.
Actually we should have a device with the quality of an iphone, with spare parts that can be changed by ourselves, ethically produced and guaranteed for at least five years


This tbh!
btw: The word “Nachhaltigkeit” translated to English means “let all poor people and poor countries die”.

Thanks for the link! Time to put the squeeze on the Gigaset folk. Now to go find a lever.

@poetaster for which device will sailfish os port released???

Well this is not the exact problem, if it were really “Nachhaltigkeit” and not only advertisement. It means we pay more and use longer, so we reduce pollution and save materials. With what we have saved the prices of these materials (hopefully) fall and those countries can have also a chance to get something. At the moment they do not get anything, except the rubbish that we leave behind.
Oh and I am far from being environmental activist.


Yes, I agree. Sad thing is, typical envionmentalists don’t see it like this.

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you were going to test on the rephone, were you not? to now with the GS290(and GX290 version) and the GS5 is in progress. @piggz is the person to answer that.

There is thread for the GS5 port

:rofl: the German-Chinese scheme as predicted.
That’s why it was written “Assembled in Germany”. Poor Germans …


Rephone like Gigaset GS5 Pro…


Just testing now and the Rephone, after flashing VollaOs and testing works fine with Nice device. from ‘new’ to beat up:

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way to big, another frying pane phone like many on the market.

I really would like to have it!