[Sold] Gigaset GS5 (not lite) with Sailfish and Waydroid

So I decided to sell my Gigaset GS5 (not lite).
It’s a bit sad as it is fast and has nice cameras, big screen, fast GPS/GNSS.
But as I repaired my XA2 and its clone, (another XA2), the GS5 would hang in a drawer doing nothing and that’s a too bad.
The main reason I came back to XA2 is that I can easily clone/sync it to have a spare phone always ready. I wasn’t able to find how to do that on the GS5. I also appreciate the XA2 being small, modest and cheap. The GS5 has bit too much power and luxury for me as my phone use is rather light.

Some pros:
The GS5 is in very good condition as you can see on the pictures.
It has SFOS and Waydroid (for Android Apps) running on it.

The con:
The vibrator is sometimes stopping working while typing, then comes back.

It will ship with:
-Its battery + box + booklet
-2 x protective cases (1 x new transparent, 1 x used black)
-2 x protective galss (1 x on the phone, 1 x spare)
-1 x USB cable

Price: 130€ +shipping.

I’d prefer an EU destination as customs became complicated with destinations outside EU.

Don’t hesitate to ask or PM me if you have questions.

The dedicated thread is here if you don’t know it already: The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

-the battery is in very good condition too.
-I wasn’t able to make the vpn work although some other GS5 seem to have it working.
-It’s tricky to use 2 SIM cards on this phone, but finally works.
-Waydroid has no access to the GPS
-Calls are recorded but I could listen to them only with the PC or on the phone by fiddling but not directly in settings>phone.

With some jealousy I am sometimes reading the thread about the Gigaset/Vollaphone/Rephone. I am not techsavvy enough to port Sailfish on a GS5 although I managed to I flash Sailfish a few times on Sony’s, sweating carrots.
So I am really interested in your offer.
I have some questions.
Is it possible to change your Sailfish account into my Sailfish account on this GS5?
What about Android support? Is Waydroid the same? Can I use my Tutanota mail on it?

Hi @kea,
Yes, you can use you Jolla account on the GS5. Mine will be removed anyway.
Regarding Tutanota, I have no idea, I should try to install it.
Yes, waydroid is similar to AAS in the sense that it allows the use of Android Apps. The integration of WD is a bit lower however: GPS is not useable and I believe there is a total separation between SFOS and the Android part. Contacts, music are not copied, for example. But I am using Android very rarely and know few about it.

Then I have to figure out how to install MagicEarth on it, for that is one of the very few android apps I use.
I got your reply in my mailbox. I am Dutch so there doesn’t have to be a problem for shipping. How to arrange?

Hmm, unfortunately, Waydroid will not be able to transmit GPS coordinates to MagicEarth so,I guess your preferred app will be of no use under Waydroid :-(.
I don’t know if some versions/adaptations of WD are able to use/transmit GPS data but I’d say that in your case, it would be better to target a device with Android AppSupport instead of Waydroid.
Or, switch to Pure Maps, which is a great app.

It’s so frustrating that I cannot find a device that works like the Jolla 1 did. HereMaps worked fine on it. My husband has a GigasetGS with /e/OS that works perfect (indeed fast, as you say, faster than Sailfish on a Sony) except that it has echo while calling. I have a Sony XA2+ with Sailfish that has a broken card slot and not much storage capacity left and a 10 III that is fast enough, but has a terrible echo, is actually too narrow and I cannot use Tutanota on it. MagicEarth works due to Android support.
I think it over this evening.

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Hi @ric9k
If @Kea will not buy the phone because of no working GPS with android app, I would buy it.

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I have thought it over this evening and it is still of use to me without a satnav, so if @ric9k agrees I want to buy it.

Hi Kea, ok, with pleasure, but:

To avoid any disillusion, I quickly reread my posts in the dedicated thread. (you can do it too by using the filter function by tapping on my avatar on the first post and press the funnel on the right) and found some points I forgot, that I now added at the end of the first post here above.
Please be sure to verify they are not a showstopper for you and that you are comfortable with them:

-I wasn’t able to make the vpn work although some other GS5 seem to have it working.
-It’s tricky to use 2 SIM cards on this phone, but finally works. (see the dedicated thread)
-Waydroid has no access to the GPS
-Calls are recorded but I could listen to them only with the PC or on the phone by fiddling but not directly in settings>phone

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Thank you for adding this. It matters to me indeed. I never record phone calls, so that’s not a problem. Not having the possibility to install a VPN is prohibitive I am afraid. That would mean I add a phone with limitations on the basics to the pile of limited phones we already have. As we are no tinkerers, we also need support by a company that solves bugs, etc.
Maybe you can now make Silta happy with it?

@ric9k The lack of VPN is not a big problem for me. If the phone is still available, I would like to buy it.

No problem Kea, I had fun with this phone, this should continue! I don’t want to cause frustrations and delusions.
@silta, I PM you to arrange the details.

@silta, I tried to send you a PM but the system is telling me that you don’t accept messages at the moment. Normally, it should work the other way round if you want to initiate a private conversation.