Request: official statement from Jolla about unusable Xperia 10 III devices

As it is now widely known, the current port on the Xperia 10 III has non working mobile data connection with certain operators, which makes the use of the phone itself useless. After 6 months from reporting and 4 months from providing an ofono log, it currently looks like that the issue has not only not been solved, but not even tackled at all.
For this reason, I (and I think other users who have purchased an Xperia 10 III license) need action that is currently overdue. Therefore, I would like to know from Jolla:

  1. If anything has been done to address this issue, and if so if anything has been solved.
  2. If nothing has been done, why has this fundamental issue, which makes the use of a purchased product impossible, been overlooked thus far. I know there are currently issues due to the Russian situation, but tackling a fundamental problem affecting users who have purchased a product, in my specific case the fifth one, from Jolla, should be priority number one, while it looks like that it is being wilfully ignored.
  3. If Jolla can commit to tackling the issue as soon as possible and provide a firm date for at least a test version to be provided to users affected by this issue.
  4. If Jolla can provide a complimentary license for another device to be used as a replacement for the unusable product purchased.

I’ll try to find out what has already been worked on in relation to the issue Giacomo and get back to you, plus try to find answers for your other questions.

Just to tie things together, this relates to a discussion in a separate topic:


As a side note, I am 100% willing to test any possible version, including possibly destructive ones, on my device.


Thanks for offering to do that; your offer is appreciated. Let me find out more and then consider the best steps to take after that.


Do you try to use the second sim slot ?
Because for me (Orange France provider) that solve the IPV4/IPV6 problem and allow hotspot

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I am going to travel inside Finland to Åland islands 7th of Dec and my mobile data will stop to function clock 01:05 middle of the night when my X10III changes from home network Elisa to roaming network Ålcom.
This is what has happened now for 5 times in a row, so mobile data will go down again.
I’ve found a way to get mobile data back alive though (which I reported on the other thread).
If Jolla is interested - I am more than willing to report findings of this upcoming loss of mobile data. I will just need means what to report and how.

I would if there were a separate card slot as on the XA2, but I need the SD card.

It would still be an interesting observation whether that works or not…

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Could also maybe fix the issue, at first had to switch to sim2 to fix networking, when it got stuck at 3g on sim2 moved to sim1 and so far so good, worth a try anyway

Switching SIMs does not look like a solution.


Does it not ‘look’ in your tester experience or have you actually tried it?

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I mean that, whatever the result, that would not help towards a solution. Being a designer, I have grown to tell which tests can give valuable insight and which ones cannot.
There are 3 possible outcomes:

  • The SIM in slot 2 always works. Fine, but that would not help, since the solution is a working SIM in slot 1.
  • The SIM in slot 2 never works. Well, pretty much the same as that in slot 1.
  • The SIM in slot 2 sometimes works. Worst of all, since it can only add confusion to the matter.

You must be kidding. And you clearly don’t want any help, nor contribute to a solution.


You hit the point, except with the “kidding”. :wink:

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phone is a brick for past 6 months =\ had to switch to android, started forgetting the sailfishos :frowning:


+1337 phone is a brick, have tried nothing in case it makes matters worse, fix now jolla or i call fraud

So you tried literally no troubleshooting and expect to be treated seriously, just go android man, wtf are you doing here?

You are a troll. I am an electronics engineer, I have 25 years of experience, I know what to do with electronics devices since I design them. I have tried switching operator SIMs, reflashing, sending ofono logs to Jolla, checking interface status in every situation. Your moronic test of switching SIMs at random cannot solve anything. How long have you been with SFOS? I have had Jolla 1, C, Xperia X, Xperia XA2 and Xperia 10 III. Please shut down if you don’t know what you are talking about.


I know better than you for sure, judging from what you write. Take a look at the threads and see that no one has solved the issue. I tried every single suggestion and all of them failed.
Then explain me how testing a SIM in slot 2 can help me have data working in slot 1.


Can you just try sim2 before you go full black panther 2?