No internet connection on Android apps when using cellular data

A bug in Sailfish OS as it’s working perfectly with this SIM card on stock Android.


My request for refund was denied though the product is not as described and EU law obligates them to provide a 14 days return period.

Also they expelled that there’s no estimation date until when this issue is due to be fixed. As there is no change since multiple months to up to a year, I don’t expect that there will be any fix.

I never seen a company which is such user unfriendly as Jolla and won’t recommend them to my friends. They are providing a broken product for a lot of money.

As for my next steps, I will try to get my money back through a PayPal case and maybe take legal actions against Jolla.

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Jolla sends a wrong impression through their homepage, unfortunately this is true. So people expect a perfect working phone that provides miracles, and best privacy and all Android stuff running like a charm. Unfortunately this is in reality not the case. In fact SFOS is more for enthusiasts, coders, computer nerds or one should at least be an “advanced hobbyist” (edit: like me) to be happy with it.

To avoid troubles for all, I suggest to sell your phone with licence on this homepage. So you surely will get your money back and also a good price for the otherwise not very favourable Xperia 10 III.

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I don’t expect a perfectly working OS without bugs but the possibility to use my messengers on the way is an absolute must for me. Unfortunately not even Telegram is available natively for Sailfish OS so the user has to rely on the broken Android support.

A mobile phone which does not allows me to get in touch with other people whilst on the way is simply useless for me.

But the point is that Jolla simply does not communicate properly that there are such major issues to prevent users from buying the license which expect that their Android apps are fully working. It’s a shame to sell beta software for a such high price. And even 5G is not working on Sailfish OS although supported by the Xperia 10 III.

My opinion is that software for enthusiasts and coders should be open source, so I don’t consider Sailfish OS as that.

Afaik license transfer is not possible for Sailfish X which is another point in which Jolla is very customer unfriendly. Even a Windows license is transferable.

Any why you don’t consider the Xperia 10 III as favorable? I like the form factor of the screen and it’s even useful with small hands.

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The licence is tied to the phone’s IMEI number and the Jolla account and this is not transferable. But what human being holds it in his hands, this is tansferable. If you want to sell the phone with licence, you can give the buyer the phone and the Jolla account access data (username + password) and before this you should cancel all your personal data (name, city, country,…) from the account. Then the buyer can use the account and the licence with the phone, and enter his data into the account data.

I don’t think that somebody is willing to buy a device with a software installed on it which does not allow to use messengers or other internet relied Android apps outside home. So I only would risk complaints by the buyer.

Additionally, I found another thread which mentions the same problems:

So it seems that the issue is present at least since May 2022 which is a year ago. More reason to assume that there will be no fix when they were not able to address it since then.

So I consider that as fraud to advertise a fully working Android app support in the shop but deliver a completely broken implementation. I’m still the opinion that they are obligated to return the software and issue a refund by EU law. I will try everything which is possible from my side to achieve a refund. With no other software company I had so many problems as with Jolla which act such customer unfriendly as usually only bad companies do. Maybe they need any cent and otherwise go bankrupt.

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there are even 2 telegram apps for sailfish os, fernschreiber and yottagram, with yottagram you can even make calls, and for 32bit devices there is also telegram desktop, so even 3 native telegram apps

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Finally, I got a refund from Jolla now. But the main point is: Why it needed so much criticism and pressure to them to achieve this? It’s actually not the way i prefer to do but in this case flashing back to Android is the only way to use this device properly so it was wasted money.

Anyways, i‘m satisfied with the solution now and I‘m ready to purchase again if the product leaves it’s „beta phase“. Unfortunately Jolla does not provide a free 7 or 14 days trial of Sailfish X with Android app support to enable the customer testing everything before buying an officially non returnable license.

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To make the issue a bit more clear for other readers: the connectivity problems of the Xperia 10 iii are specific to some network operators in some countries, not general. I am affected myself, and I am not able to change because my operator is my employer.
Anyway, it’s absolutely annoying and a major flaw of SFOS, and I really hope Jolla is able to fix it soon.


So both Telekom Germany and o2 Germany do not work. Only Vodafone Germany seems to work. This means that about two thirds of the SIM cards in Germany are affected.

It not limited to the xperia 10iii

I wouldn say they don’t work, but rather that the connection can sometimes break when switching from wifi to 4g and work most of the time or when in 4g-only mode.

As described, for me it’s not working at all. No way to get any connection.

Maybe ypu’re using it wrong.

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I‘m working as an IT professional. For sure, I know how to use a smartphone :slight_smile:

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My 10 III works perfectly fine in O2 Germany.
Sometimes the phone doesn’t automatically switch to wifi from data when I’m home and I have to turn it on and off, but that’s all there is with “connectivity issues” for me.

That hints in a certain direction. @Kanthal: Maybe your slightly less professional use let’s the phone connect? :wink:

I never let the phone automatically decide what connection to use, mobile data or WLAN,
but always switch the one on and the other off manually. So little bit manual control saves much trouble and hardship.


And I always give the phone a few seconds to the newly switched on network.

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Indeed. Let’s close this one and continue discussions on the other one.