[Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0

Me too, Xperia X. Ran ‘jolla-camera’ in terminal and got

[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
jolla-camera: /usr/share/droidmedia/hybris.c:53: __resolve_sym: Väite ”ptr != NULL” ei pidä paikkaansa.
Aborted (core dumped)

Claims that ptr != NULL is not true.


And a nice workaround

Maybe some insights, @Jolla?

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Thanks for flagging these posts here @peterleinchen. There’s a relevant comment from @abranson in the thread you reference on this. It would be good to please refer to his comment before jumping straight in and trying the workaround. It’ll help us diagnose the problem and may also prevent further issues down the line.


The SIM Application Toolkit icons appear to be broken in the UI after the update. Logs show QML errors.

I was able to run a SIM application manually from the command line:

dbus-send --dest=org.sailfish.simkit --type=method_call / org.sailfish.simkit.show

There is also another method signature which takes a list of strings, presumably the application name(s).

Reference: D-Bus APIs - SailfishOS Documentation

I just updated
When I try to enable the internet I see “Connecting” then “Limited connectivity” then back to connecting!
My phone didn’t do this prior to the update, anyone else seen this?

With this new version, I have the following regression:
When starting the camera from the lock screen (while the phone is locked, i.e. you’re asked the pin to get out of the lock screen), and you record a video, the screen will turn off and the app will stop the recording after a bit more than 30 seconds. (I have to touch the screen to prevent this.)
Anyone else have this issue?
I have a Sony Xperia XA2.


Yes, confirmed.
And created a bug report

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Try version 3.11 or 4.16. Works for me but there is a slight audio delay with the sound.

On related news, HBO Max doesn’t work either. It starts playing the video, but there’s no sound and the screen is black. Subtitles and controls show up tho :grin:

Xperia 10 Single SIM

Yesterday, my system crashed so I had to reflash the phone.
With the new flashed phone (not updated from previous version) I saw some interesting things I want to report here.

First a positive thing (the only one): It’s now possible to switch off the phone. (before, it did always reboot immediately so that it was not possible to switch off the phone)
edit: this was only one or two times!

Very strange is the SD-Card access: In the / (root) directory is a symlink to /storage/self/primary . Clicking this symlink reports “unknown, link target not found”.
A directory /storage does not exist.
In /mnt is also a symlink to /storage/self/primary , also does not work.
The directory /media , previously used for the SD-Card, is empty.
The “real” and working path to the SD-Card is /run/media/defaultuser/0123-4567 .

SD Card data is found by Gallery app and Camera app. Other apps, I don’t know at this time. But SD card is not accessible via Dateiverwaltung in a normal way without searching deep in the file system and checking things a user would normally not expect.

Opening PDFs with File Browser sometimes possible, sometimes not. Going to the PDF and tapping on it leads to a page with the file properties and a thumbnail icon that shows the PDF correctly. Tapping the icon leads to error message “Page could not be loaded”. Tapping on the white dot in the upper right corner of screen does the same. Pull down memu + open leads to Internet browser tries to open the PDF. Browser reports then “file not found”.

This is - edit: unusable for me (edit end), so I will flash SFOS 4.2 again because I want also use the phone and not only make experiments with it.

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XA2 Plus Dual SIm
/media/sdcard is symlink to /run/media/defaultuser (no other file in /media)
/sdcard is symlink to /storage/self/primary which doesn’t exist
/mnt/sdcard is symlink to /storage/self/primary which doesn’t exist

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Good luck with that approach (says the guy still on 3.2.1 :frowning: )
And be cautious with such words like ‘absolutely’… :wink:


Thank you for your confirmation and the workaround

Out of curiosity I now reflashed one of my Sailfish phones (Xperia 10 / Dual SIM) with SFOS again and was more careful. Now it works much better and I want to report what I have done.

  1. Flash phone without inserted SIM and memory card.
  2. First boot without inserted SIM and memory card.
  3. Go to language setting, first app choose, download and intro. (with WLAN connection)
  4. Then I opened every single app one after the other and gave every app the required rights.
  5. Switch off (as good as possible)
  6. insert SIM and memory card in the right moment. (critical because phone still can not turned off - but immediately reboots)
  7. Phone reboots
  8. Installed additional apps & storeman.

Now working fine:
Torch, reading PDFs via file browser, playing MP3 audio (Unplayer) and MP4 video (LLs vPlayer).
For the SD card access I made a symlink to /run/media/defaultuser manually and it works. So this is also OK.

It seems there are some differences between an updated system since 3.3 and a fresh flashed system…

edit: At this moment, after everything is ready installed, it is now possible to switch off the phone without immediately reboot. :heart_eyes:

edit: …only on battery. Connecting the charger causes power on of the phone.

Take a look at the P.S. here to understand why these SD-card symlinks are fine and correct: They are only relevant (and point to something extant), when looking at them from inside AlienDalvik.

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As a novice jolla-user.
How do I remove ‘git-minimal’ and ‘gittin’ ? Removing means uninstall, right ? Terminal ?

Will be fixed on OS release 4.4.0.

You can safely ignore the warning on gittin and git-minimal. Simply, go ahead and install Those two packages get removed automatically. In other words, the warning is unnecessary.


In theory: yes.
In practice, @jovirkku has now officially confirmed that this is not neccessary because it is taken care of during the update process.

I have to admit that I’m still confused why this problem appeared in the first place. As stated above, I’m running a very moderately customized phone - only a handful of apps from the Jolla store, no additional repos.

In order to avoid further confusion, I’d suggest to point out in the release notes that the warning regarding git-minimal and gittin can safely be ignored.


I confirm what said @dmz : i update two days ago the Intex Aquafish as Jolla C that my wife used until one month ago (now she has the XA2 - H3113) : while this update the system ask to remove ‘git-minimal’ and ‘gittin’. I did nothing, and until now: any problem appear on this Intex Aquafish now in :slight_smile:
Precision: at the end of the installation of the 4.3 update the progression bar stop at 99,9% (may be 100%) but the Intex did not reboot. I wait around 40mn and i reboot manually the Intex. No problem !

Added under “Known issues - generic”