[4.3.0] display goes to sleep while recording video

Continuing the discussion from [Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0:


when camera activated via swipe up from lockscreen and device lock active:
display goes to sleep when actively recording a video

lock device with device lock
press power button
swipe up to activate camera
record video

video is recorded until explicitly stopped

display goes to sleep, after configured time, and recording stops (fortunately video is saved)

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Thank you for the post. We have created a bug report for this.

Same regression on Xperia 10 plus with 4.3 update and an old xperia X single sim with a fresh 4,3 flashed on the old phone.

I can reproduce on Xperia 10 II running 4.3.0 as well. However, the video recording also stopped when the screen went sleep which if I understood correctly shouldn’t have happened?

Still happy with my XA2 4.3 but I can confirm.

This is a bit special situation: while lockscreen is active, only application that actually has a window (on top of lockscreen) can prevent blanking. And due to sandboxing there was false negative from “topmost window belongs to application requesting blank prevent” check.

Should be fixed in 4.4.0