[release notes] Kvarken 4.1.0

Is there an ETA on the Android and Exchange support for Xperia 10 II? :smiley:

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See Xperia 10 II + SFOS

With 4.1 in an XA2 dual sim phone I have the SIM1 card as active. Then I go into Mobile netwrok settings and select the option to use “SIM2” under the data option, then the SIM1 is completely grayed out and cannot receive or place calls.

I seem to remember that in the past it was possible to have one card as primary and select the other one for the Internet Connection option.

I believe this is a bug.

I think it’s related to the one I always encounter. And not exclusive to 4.1. I clearly still remember…
I have been deeling with this Sim and network error ever since sailfishX became available on Xa2.(but somehow got better)
I have only Sim1 installed and 2 empty. But I have to keep them both enabled. Whenever I try to turn off the 2nd Sim, at some point, either immediately, after a while or sometimes after a reboot, network will fail and wouldn’t be detected. Until I restert the device.

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I have seen this too on an Xperia X. In my case what I found was that when I had one SIM that uses Three’s network and another one that uses EE’s, the SIM using Three had to be selected for mobile internet for it to work at all, otherwise I saw exactly what you describe. When both SIMs used EE, or one used EE and the other O2, there was no problem.

Three publish this support article that claims it is connected with the fact that they don’t use 2G. I have no idea whether it is true or not that the X or XA2 cannot support 3G or 4G simultaneously on both SIMs, but in the end I had to transfer the number to a different provider to get the full flexibility of the dual SIM phone. Maybe more recent models are better, but I’m not about to buy one to find out :wink:

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Are XMPP accounts fixed in this release?

I do remember this having happened before, but that was in the early SFOS 3 release or something… This bug in 4.1.0 EA is something else indeed; my phone does it at least once a day, and the only way out is a reboot. Stopping and starting Android app support doesn’t help, neither does visiting flight mode.

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I think in my case, AFAIR, turning Sim2(empty) back on resolves the issue.So, I keep both 1&2 On all the time, and I then have no problem whatsoever . Especially after a reboot, works fine.
But why do you think, Android Support might be related ?

I only have a single SIM device - XA2 Ultra - but it could still be related to dual SIM support and Android app support… (Then again, my single SIM XA2 device running Android does provide the options for the dual SIM variant. So…)

I now would say there is definitely something wrong with power consumption!

I charged my device (an X) and kept it in flight mode over a day and night and it consumed 3% only. So far so good
Then in the morning I disabled flight mode, so network and WLAN were connected. I did not use it and in the late afternoon it was already down to 50%. I then disabled WLAN for some hours and consumption was about 1% only.
After that I enabled flight mode again but enabled WLAN. And power consumption is 3-4% per hour with null usage.

So WLAN connected with no usage at all drains the battery! :frowning:


@peterleinchen With no apps running?

Yes. No apps at all.

AND confirmed overnight:
fresh boot, no apps open (except Jolla weather on home screen maybe), flight mode, only WLAN enabled and connected, lost 17% in less than 7h…

Do we need to file an explicit bug report?

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While I was not as precise as you were in measuring, so far I can share the same impression of an increased power consumption: a 100% charge generally lasts two days, but after updating yesterday it lasted just one, with wlan on (xa2). I should keep a more inquisitive eye on it and report back…

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I had similar issue. On WIFI connection Android apps are not connected (like Aptoide), but after I turned WIFI off and turn on cellular data, Android apps have connection without problem… strange… isn’t it?

Thanks, interestingly enough the SIM1 is on SMARTY - an MVNO over Three’s network - so maybe there’s something going on there related to the carrier. I did also change my SIM2 so I will have to put the old SIM2 in and try the same test to see if this is a 4.1.x problem or simply carrier related.

I can confirm also an X without a SIM card and with drains the battery for no reason. I was looking at the htop but could not identify any specific process. + no application running at all - just idle phone. I did not even touch the screen or something. In less than 24h it was dead


I once had a problems with mail.

ps axuw|grep messageserver5|grep -v grep|grep -v invo
nemo      1526  0.0  0.4  83380 13124 ?        Ssl  May19   0:05 /usr/bin/messageserver5
 18:28:48 up 1 day,  2:36,  1 user,  load average: 5.19, 5.66, 5.83

Here I have 5 s in one day. But I had once 30% duty cycle, so, after 1 h uptime I had 20 nim (and more).
Then, the phone was sluggish, battery drain…

Now it’s the same here. What does the trick?
As described in some other threads i did:

  • stopped aliendalvik
  • uninstall android-support via jolla-store
  • reboot
  • as devel-su: rm -rf /home/.android*
  • reboot
  • install android-support via jolla-store
  • reinstall all android apps

YOU WILL LOST ALL ANDROID-DATA AND APPS with this procedure. But it was the only way for me wich worked. Now it runs like a charme :wink:

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There’s an app called ‘MLS manager’ on openrepos that will install positioning data for areas not covered by the official packages.


Somehow I experience in the Browser on X10II on mobile data very often, that already visited Sites works (at least the default search engine) but all the rest doesn’t. Back to WiFi it seems to be back. But also it does not occur more often. Does someone experience the same?
I experienced that now more than once, but did not find a way to reproduce reliable…