[] Heavy power drain due to connected WLAN

Continuing the discussion from [release notes] Kvarken 4.1.0:

As reported (and confirmed by other) my X suffers from a heavy power drain.
I tested a lot and it is absolutely only happening when WLAN is connected.

It is a more or less plain vanilla device (storeman, sfos-upgrade, harbour-defender) for testing.
Upgraded from 3.3 up to 4.1.

One mail account, set to sync manual.

Tested with all radio on, only network, network and cell data, WLAN enabled (but not connected) and other combinations. But it boils down to WLAN connected.

Top does not reveal anything.

Any more info I can give?


In my case, the device was updated from 4.0.1 (no power drain) to 4.1.0 (heavy power drain), so it must be related to a change between 4.0.1 and 4.1.0. And indeed, the only factor that has any effect is whether or not WLAN is enabled. The power drain is the same, regardless of whether there are any accounts syncing or not, whether Android support is running or not, whether applications are running or not, whether background services are running or not, etc. Only enabling WLAN causes the power drain. I think it occurs on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

WLAN enabled → heavy power drain
WLAN disabled → no power drain

The fact that the regression occurred in between and, and that the WLAN connection is causing (or is a primary factor in) the power drain, should hopefully narrow down which of the changes between the versions led to the regression.

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Where is that a settable option for the jolla email client? I don’t see it in the app or from the System-App-Mail settings page

You’re configuring this under account settings.

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Thanks. It’s so long ago I set it up that I had forgotten those options were there.